A Card Spread for Eclipse Season

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Eclipses can seem scary, and they are certainly a powerful energy! Generally, eclipses are thought to be wild cards, magnifying the energy of a new moon (for a solar eclipse) or a full moon (for a lunar eclipse). I like to think of eclipses as portals for endings and beginnings —things may be “eclipsed out” or “eclipsed in.” It’s common for births, moves, engagements, new jobs, break-ups, new relationships, and more to happen around eclipses and during eclipse season.

Eclipses can also be powerful illuminators, bringing hidden truths and feelings to the light for us to work with and heal through. They’re an important time to carve out space for listening, noticing, and receiving information. You can learn more about eclipses and how they interact with your specific birth chart in this blog post

a card spread for eclipse season

With these current (Summer of 2020) eclipses taking place during Gemini and Cancer season, themes you might expect to come up in your life are around communication, being seen, home and family, and ancestral healing. Litha, or the summer solstice, also takes place during this eclipse season, highlighting themes of joy, vitality, abundance, and growth. 

Tip: If you’re reading this post later than the Summer of 2020, the card spreads are valid for any eclipse season!

Working with tarot or oracle cards can be powerful anytime, but especially during eclipse season. You can use the card spread below to more clearly understand the invitations, challenges, and opportunities of eclipse season for yourself. 


Before drawing your cards, take a moment to ground and center yourself. This might look like just taking a few deep breaths, or laying on the ground and feeling all the points of contact your body is making with the Earth. 

When you feel ready, set an intention for your spread. You might ask your higher self, your spirit guides, your intuition, or another helpful energy you’re familiar with to communicate with you through the cards. Shuffle your deck, and pull a card for each of the questions below:

eclipse-care-spread-new-moon card spread

  • What (pattern, limiting belief, structure, relationship, etc.) is eclipsing out?
  • Who am I right now?
  • Challenge of this eclipse season
  • What am I not seeing clearly?
  • What healing do I need through this season?
  • What (pattern, limiting belief, structure, relationship, etc.) is eclipsing in?
  • How am I ready to evolve?
  • Who will I be emerging from this eclipse season?

Take some time after pulling your cards to meditate and/or journal with them. This can really help you process and integrate their meanings!

If you use this spread, feel free to share your cards over on Instagram and tag us at @cassieuhl! We would love to hear your interpretations of your cards.

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