Water Offering for The Autumn Equinox

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The Autumn Equinox, which usually falls between September 20-23 in the Northern Hemisphere, shifts us westward on our seasonal wheel. The west corresponds to the element of water in most mystical and earth-based spiritual practices. It signals a time to start moving inward after the busyness and activity of the spring and summer months. 

Wheel of the Year from Understanding the Wheel of the Year by Cassie Uhl

In this short share, I’m offering you a simple ritual to honor water with an offering to the water spirits and a message from water that I received. This ritual is one way to mark the shift in seasons, welcome the element of water into your home, and give thanks for its healing gifts and life. 

Water Offering Ritual

I encourage you to make this water offering ritual your own as much as possible and use these steps as a framework. The more personal you make this ritual, the more meaningful it will be. Watch my water offering ritual here. 

You’ll need: 

  • A vessel or bowl to hold some water
  • Enough water to fill your vessel (spring water, water from a moving creek or river, or water that you’ve structured is ideal)
  • Plant items from outside that have either fallen naturally or that you’ve asked permission to gather from your environment
  • Optional: a few drops of special water you have on hand like moon water or water from a special location
  • Optional: any corresponding decorations or crystals to add in or around your water vessel. For crystals, moonstone, quartz, smoky quartz, and rutilated quartz are all great options. 


  1. Collect your items with care and intention, and have them ready and organized nearby before you begin. 
  2. Spend 3-5 minutes centering yourself, grounding, and connecting with your breath and body in a way that feels good to you. 
  3. Cleanse the space, yourself, and your items using a cleansing method of choice. Mugwort smoke is a great option for this particular ritual as it corresponds with water, but any cleansing herb will do. 
  4. Set up your water vessel and any accompanying crystals or items intuitively. You could place some crystals in your vessel if there is space. 
  5. It is time to pour your water into your vessel. Before you do so, hold your water, feel connected to your earth and your body, and infuse the water with love, respect, or anything else you feel called to add. Feel the energy flowing from your body into the water. Pour your water into your vessel, continuing to infuse it with an energy of love and respect. 
  6. Add any items on top of your water, like leaves, herbs, or flowers, with the intention of each item being a gift to water. 
  7. Now it is time to invite in the water spirits and thank them. Do this in a way that feels meaningful to you. You could keep it short and sweet by saying, “I invite in the water of the west for the Autumn Equinox and thank you for your healing,” or you could share a poem, a longer statement, or even a dance with the water. The point of this is to invite in, connect with, and thank the water spirits for this change of season. 
  8. Consider spending some time here with your water to notice any shifts or changes in your energy or environment. You could also spend some time meditating, journaling, or creating. When you feel ready to end the ritual, thank the water spirits for joining you. 
  9. You can keep your water vessel up for as long as you’d like, filling it anytime it becomes low and connecting with it often. Keep it up for a full lunar cycle or until the next full moon is a great option. 
  10. When you feel ready to deconstruct your water offering, pour it outside back into the earth while giving it thanks. 

Message from Water

I dissolve, swirl, and heal. I am both forceful and passive. Feel my soft spirals erode and bring what is ready to heal to the surface. Feel my wild and raging storms returning you to the womb of the earth. I am mystery. I am healer. I am life, and I am the harbinger of death. Respect me and honor my sovereignty. In doing so, you will honor yourself.

Water element card from The Ritual Deck.

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Equinox blessings! Xoxo Cassie

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