Full Moon in Cancer Ritual

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The full moon in Cancer offers a supportive and nurturing space for you to explore the watery world of your emotions, and initiate healing. 

Cancer’s planetary correspondence is the moon, so this full moon can feel especially intense, emotional, and intuitive moon. You may feel more sensitive and emotional than usual. This lunation is a call to explore and revel in any feelings and sensitivities that arise rather than pushing them away. Be gentle with yourself and open to rolling with any waves this moon stirs up. 

If you enjoy this ritual, I invite you to share it with someone else who might benefit from it as well. 

Themes for this full moon: Nurturing, supportive, family-oriented, intuitive, healing, cleansing

Element: water

The ideal time to perform this ritual is the day before, the day of, or the day after the full moon. 

You’ll need: 

  • 15-30 minutes of quiet and uninterrupted time
  • Bath, shower, or body of water
  • A glass of water or cup of tea
  • Cozy clothes
  • Optional: moonstone, any scented oils or herbs that feel nurturing and supportive to add to your bath

1. For this ritual, you’ll be invited to soak in a bath or body of water. If you do not have one, you can perform this ritual in a shower as well. Before you begin the ritual, take a moment to prepare a cup of tea or have a glass of water ready for when your bath or shower is over.

2. Draw your bath, or begin your shower. Add any herbs you’d like to use. If working with moonstone, you could place it in the tub or around the shower area. 

3. In the bath or shower, begin connecting with your breath and body to help you root into the moment. Notice your breath and body, how they feel, what feels good, and any aches or pains you may have. Notice how the water feels on your body. 

4. Once you feel connected to your body and the water, allow yourself to explore your emotions. Are there any feelings that need to be felt or come out that you haven’t had time to allow? Feel and allow. 

5. As you explore and allow your emotions to come up, choose one that you’d like to release. Imagine it being cleansed from your body by the water. Stay in your bath or shower for as long as you’d like to explore and feel your emotions. 

6. When you feel ready to get out of the bath or shower, turn off the shower or unplug the bath, and visualize anything you released going down the drain with the water. 

7. Finish up your bath or shower and put on some clothes or pajamas that feel exceptionally comfortable and nurturing. Feel free to add in any additional self-care here, like self-massage with a favorite oil. 

8. When you’re ready, take a few moments to connect inward again with your cup of tea or water in hand. Bring to mind something that would make you feel nurtured and at home. Infuse your water or tea with these thoughts. 

9. Begin taking drinks of your water or tea and feel your body become filled with this support and care. Consider saving a bit of water or tea to pour into the heart as a sign of gratitude and as a way to share this support with others who may need it too. 

10. If you feel called, consider following up with some journaling or a card pull to explore this experience and full moon further. 

This full moon ritual can be adapted or used for any full moon or any full moon in Cancer. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. In love & gratitude, Cassie

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