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Harvest Season Begins // How to Honor Lughnasadh and Your Gifts

July 28, 2021 6:38 pm Published by

Lughnasadh is the first harvest and the first celebration to honor the waning phase of the year. Just like the waning gibbous, this season is a time to reflect, harvest, gather, reap, and allow yourself to come to fruition. The flurry of growth has happened. The peak of summer has come and gone. Though it may still be hot where you are, some “crops” are ready to be harvested, both physically and metaphorically. So, what does this season mean for you, and what does it call you to explore and reflect upon? This post will discuss the intersection of the... Continue Reading

Understanding the Energy of Leo Season

July 22, 2020 11:09 pm Published by

Welcome to Leo season! Our fixed fire sign, this archetype is here to invite you to step into your courage, be seen in your truest essence, and stand in your power. Whether you have Leo placements in your birth chart or not, we’re all feeling into this energy during this season. In this blog, I’ll be sharing what Leo is all about, the planetary and tarot associations of Leo and how to understand Leo in your chart. LEO ENERGY + RULING PLANET Generous and warm, the archetype of Leo invites us to express our most radiant selves, embody courage, and... Continue Reading