Sinking into acceptance // 4 Rituals for the Waning Moon + Card Spread

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The waning moon phase is nature’s way of calling you inward. How can you truly know what you need to release, shed, or let go of if you haven’t allowed yourself time to go inward and fully experience your emotions? This phase is your invitation to feel and allow.

The waning moon phases occur after the peak of the full moon to the dark moon. Energetically this phase represents a time of allowance, acceptance, and shedding.

Growing up, most of us are taught to bottle our feelings up rather than sinking into them and accepting what is. Acceptance doesn’t mean rolling over and taking it or being okay with the status quo. Not by a long shot. Acceptance of the current moment means allowing yourself to fully experience whatever is bubbling up in you at the present moment. 

If things in your life, or the world at large, are not aligned with your desires and want them to change, you don’t have to accept them as they are. What you do need to accept is your feelings about these situations. It’s in the allowance and acceptance of situations that healing, growth, and change can occur.  

There’s an opportunity to grow from every situation you’re presented with, and this phase asks you to be open to the learning and evolving process rather than pushing against it. Imagine the energy of this lunar cycle as a big unconditional and loving hug. 

waning moon rituals rituals for the waning moon

The featured waning moon card is from the Ritual Deck. 

Here are a few keywords to understand the basic energy of this lunar phase. 

Energetic Themes for the Waning Moon

  • Passiveness
  • Acceptance
  • Allowance
  • Releasing
  • Shedding
  • Letting go
  • Resting

The rituals outlined below will work well together, but if you don’t have the time or tools to perform all of them at once, that’s okay, do what feels most aligned with your needs. Keep reading for four ritual suggestions for the waning moon phase. 

1. Candle Ritual for the Waning Moon

Candles are an ideal ritual tool for this moon phase because they can be used as a very passive tool. I suggest using this candle ritual suggestion in tandem with one of the ritual suggestions below so your candle can burn as you sink into a ritual. There’s more than one candle color that will work for this lunar phase, here are three suggestions, go with what feels best for where you’re at, or use all three!

Pink candle: Pink candles offer soft and loving energy. This candle color is ideal for bringing in self-love and acceptance. This candle color is often suggested during the waxing moon phase to call in romantic love. For the waning moon phase, its energy will be used as a tool to call in self-love. 

Blue Candle: Blue candles offer peace and respite. If you’ve been in a cycle of overwhelm and feel like you can’t catch a break, this is your candle. The energy of this candle can help you soften into the present moment to access your emotions better. 

Purple Candle: Purple candles offer inner wisdom and perspective. If you’re in a place of allowance with your emotions but struggling with accepting them, the energy of a purple candle can help open you up to a higher perspective and shed light on why you feel the way you do. 

waning moon ritual candles and card srpead for waning moon

If candle magick is new to you, and you’d like to learn more about how it works and the process I outline here, check out this past blog post on candle magick basics

Once you’ve selected your candle color(s), you may want to anoint your candle with a specific oil. I suggest lavender, bergamot, rose, or geranium work well with the energy of the waning moon. If you don’t have any of these available, a simple carrier oil, like almond or coconut oil, will work just fine. 

Anoint your candle with your oil, hold it in your hands, and impress it with your energy. Repeat this intention or something like it that feels good to you, “I love and accept myself as I am. I am allowed to feel the fullness of my emotions and will let them flow through me. I trust that Spirit will show me what needs to stay and what needs to go. So it is.”

Light your candle(s) and stay with it as it burns. 

2. Waning Moon Meditation

If you’re going to do any of these waning moon rituals, meditation is my top suggestion. I covered this topic in-depth in a previous post, so I’m not going to spend too much time discussing it here. But, if you’ve followed me for long, you know that I adore meditation. 

Meditation opens you up to your inner world, which is step one in allowance and acceptance. As I said above, you have to take the time to explore your inner landscape before you can truly know what needs to be released. Meditation and internal reflection is the first step in this process.  

Click here to get my free waning moon meditation or here to read my previous blog post on meditating with each moon phase

If you’d like to add some supportive crystals to your waning moon meditation, I suggest rose quartz and a grounding stone of choice like obsidian, black tourmaline, or garnet.

crystals for the wanig moon waning moon rituals

3. Waning Moon Card Spread

Use this card spread with your favorite oracle or tarot card deck. These questions can offer guidance on finding more acceptance in your life and suggestions for releasing anything holding you back from your highest good.

If you didn’t begin with the candle ritual or meditation suggestion above, take a moment to connect with your breath and ground yourself. 

card spread for the waning moon waning moon rituals card spread for acceptance

  1. In what area of my life do I need to soften my resistance?
  2. What lesson does my resistance have to share with me? 
  3. Where can I focus my energy to bring more acceptance into this area of my life? 
  4. How can I integrate these lessons into my life?
  5. How will I hold myself back if I am unwilling to explore my resistance?
  6. What old ideas do I need to shed to come into more wholeness?

Be open and honest as your cards reveal guidance to you. The next ritual can help you uncover any confusion you may have about your reading. If your reading is initially unclear, leave it, be open to signs from Spirit, and revisit it at a later time. 

4. Write and Release

This ritual suggestion works well after performing either the waning moon meditation or waning moon card spread because you should be fresh with emotion and insight. Take some time to write about what came up for you. Alternatively, if tarot and oracle cards aren’t your thing, you can use the card reading questions above as journal prompts. 

Writing is a powerful tool for exploring, feeling, processing, and releasing your emotions. Here’s a conclusion from a study conducted on the healing benefits of writing: “There is power in written expression and the personal sharing of one’s story. Writing shows promise not only as a therapeutic tool during intervention, but as an ongoing avocational activity with many personal and health benefits.” 

Try to write without judging what you’re writing and let your thoughts and feelings flow. 

Choose to release your writing in a way that feels good to you. You can burn the paper in a fire-proof vessel, bury your text in the earth, release it into a flower body of water (ensure that your paper is compostable if you do this method!), or something else that feels good to you. You cannot do wrong; the purpose of all ritual is to bring meaning and healing to your experience, so trust that the releasing method you select is what will serve you best. 

I hope you feel empowered to love and accept yourself fully, emotions, and all. Dance with all aspects of your being. Know that in each moment, even the uncomfortable ones, there is an opportunity to go deeper and find wholeness.

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