How to Work With the Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse

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The super full moon eclipse in the sign of Scorpio happens either this Sunday or this early Monday depending on where you’re at in the world. The pique of eclipse will occur around 9:11 PST or 12:11 Monday ET. Eclipses usually come in pairs, sometimes sets of three, and this lunar eclipse rounds out our eclipse season that started with a lunar eclipse in Taurus on the New moon. This is a big one, friends! Lunar eclipses and the sign of Scorpio carry an energy of transformation, death, and rebirth. Oh, and we also entered Mercury Retrograde. Pair all of these up with a super full moon, and we’ve got a powerhouse of a celestial event. 

In this post, you’ll learn a bit about eclipses in general, how they can affect us and how to work with them. I’m also going to share about the influence of Scorpio on this full moon. 

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I love astrology but don’t identify myself as an astrologer. I love to examine how the zodiacal seasons influence and relate to the wheel of the year and how they relate to the moon phases. I prefer focusing on the big picture themes of astrology and try not to get too detailed with it as I think it can have a tendency to overshadow or overly influence our unique experiences, which is why you’ll always hear me take a broad view with topics like this. 

I also don’t usually offer rituals for eclipse season, but I want to dive into eclipses and the power of this particular lunation. In this share, you’ll learn more about the energy eclipses offer, how they can affect us, how the energy of Scorpio will affect this full moon eclipse, and ways to work with its energy. 

Eclipses can be fast-acting and unpredictable, so generally speaking, it’s a good idea not to do any deep spiritual work or rituals during an eclipse. But, there’s a lot you can do, which is one thing I want to talk about here. I also want to say that every practitioner, astrology, witch, etc., will have a different approach to eclipses, which is great! If what I share doesn’t match what you heard elsewhere, that’s fine. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. First, let’s start with how eclipses can affect us. 

The super blood moon of September 27th, 2015 is silhouetted by the ridgeline near Ontario Peak, California.

How eclipses can affect us

Eclipses bring an amplified and more intense energy that’s often palpable. If you’re like me and feel a little ungrounded or shaken up from full moons, you’ll likely feel that even more from a lunar eclipse. Sleeplessness, exhaustion, extra emotions, and overwhelm can be especially present during eclipse season. I amp up my grounding practices during an eclipse season, especially for lunar eclipses, because I know they shake things up for me. I also expect sleep disturbances and take extra steps to help myself get a good night of rest, or if I can’t sleep during these times, I just stay up and roll with it! 

Eclipses are a cosmic wild card in a lot of ways. I see them as an opportunity to allow whatever needs to bubble to the surface to arise and be transformed, especially when it comes to lunar eclipses. I often find that some theme emerges amidst eclipse season. The themes that arise will be unique to each of us. Although the sign the eclipses are occurring can certainly color what comes up. Any themes that arise are your opportunity to examine, learn, and possibly transform.

The flavor of how transformations occur will likely feel different during eclipse season. Unlike most lunations, in my experience, when we can be present with the energy of eclipse seasons, they work on us very passively, without much action on your part. For most new or full moons, there’s an emphasis on taking specific steps and actions for the desired outcome. I see eclipse season as a road trip where I don’t know the destination. But if I decide to take the ride, it will undoubtedly be transformative. You may be less in control of the experience with eclipses, which can no doubt be scary, but the outcome can also be more impactful. 

The effects of eclipse season can be long-lasting, as long as six months or even years. Which honestly makes sense. If eclipses are intended to bring big things to the surface to be transformed, they will potentially affect our lives in significant ways. That said, and I’ll stress this often, these celestial events aren’t something to fear. Like Mercury Retrograde, they’re opportunities to witness things that need to arise and allow new themes to arise that can potentially be long-lasting. These are some of the reasons why eclipses are touted as cosmic wildcards!

How will Scorpio affect this lunar eclipse?

Scorpio gets a bad reputation sometimes, but it’s honestly one of my favorite signs! That said, I have three planets in Scorpio, if you don’t, it might feel like scary energy to work with. Scorpio rules over themes relating to all things taboo like death and sex. Scorpio energy encourages us to go deep and face our shadows. It calls us to examine our fears so we can learn from them and work with them in more liberating ways. 

In tarot, Scorpio relates to Death and the King of Cups. The death card in the tarot, unlike the tower, is often a call to willingly embark on a transformation. Unlike the tower card, the death card often surfaces when it’s time for us to begin a journey to examine parts of ourselves, often ignored so we can learn from them and transform anew. The King of Cups is a master of their emotions, even the scary ones. This is another theme for watery and emotional Scorpio; they’re not afraid to go there, to face their emotions and bring them to the surface so they can be witnessed and allowed to flow. 

Death and King of Cups card from Journey Tarot

Scorpio season governs over the season of Samhain. Another nod to its connection with shedding, death, and embarking on transformations. I’m sure you’re starting to see a theme arise with all of these corresponding deep energies associated with Scorpio. Perhaps you can also see why these themes paired with a lunar eclipse have such potential. 

So, where does this leave you for a full moon eclipse in Scorpio? 

Here’s how I see it. Full moons are already a time to release, let go, and transform. Bringing Scorpio in is a call to be fully present with EVERYTHING that’s coming up, not to look away, and to sit with what’s arising even if it feels ick. Scorpio is asking you to allow your emotions to surface so they can be felt and seen. The eclipse is calling them up to be transformed. I see the eclipse as a real gem, a guide of sorts, here to show us what needs to be transformed and help to potentially begin the transformation.

What to do for eclipse moons?

Eclipses can be amazing because if you decide to go for the eclipse ride, they can do a lot of the heavy lifting. I look forward to eclipses. For this reason, it’s not the time to be doing a lot of spellwork, ritual, or deep meditative work. It’s a time to sit back, allow, and observe—especially an eclipse in Scorpio. There’s also a lot you CAN do during an eclipse that can be super supportive. Here are some simple ways to honor this lunar eclipse or any lunar eclipse. 

  • Notice what’s coming up
  • Journal about your emotional state and what’s coming up
  • Meditate with openness and curiosity
  • Pull some cards, not for divination, but as a mirror to what’s going on for you. Find an excellent card spread for eclipse season here!
  • Engage in activities that make you happy, safe, grounded, and supported
  • Take a salt bath
  • Smoke cleanse

Not Generally Recommended Activities for an Eclipse

  • Manifesting
  • Releasing or cord-cutting rituals
  • Candle spells
  • Making moon water
  • Spellwork 
  • Deep journey work

Just like Mercury Retrograde, eclipses aren’t something to fear. They’re an opportunity to be more reflective, inward-focused, and passive. I also see them as a sort of cosmic reset. I often notice that whatever arises for me during eclipse season arises for a reason. It’s usually something I’ve been avoiding. If I answer the call to face it, I often find myself leaving eclipse season with a fresh outlook and renewed energy to approach whatever it is that’s surfacing. 

I hope these offerings have given you some peace around this lunar eclipse and perhaps a deeper acceptance of the emotional waves often associated with them. If not, it’s also a great excuse for a yummy salt bath. Happy full moon! 

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