Full Moon in Virgo Ritual

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The full moon in service-oriented Virgo offers an opportunity to celebrate your skills and release anything holding you back from using them. A mutable earth sign, practical and nurturing Virgo encourages you to explore how leaning into your abilities could better serve your community.

If you enjoy this ritual, I invite you to share it with someone else who might benefit from it as well. 

Themes for this full moon: Sovereignty, service, nurturing, practicality, releasing what doesn’t serve yourself and others

Element: Earth

The ideal time to perform this ritual is the day before the full moon, the day of the full moon, or the day after the full moon. 

You’ll need: 

  • 15-30 minutes of quiet and uninterrupted time
  • Pen or pencil and paper
  • Moss agate, tree agate, or any other earthy stone you have available (a common stone from your yard or neighborhood is sufficient)

1. This ritual will encourage you to tune into the skills that make you feel independent, what you may need to release to start leaning into these skills, and how you can share them with others. Prepare your items and connect with the breath and body. If it is in your practice to cast a circle or create sacred space, do that as well.

2. Have your stone nearby, close your eyes, if you feel safe to, and go within. Ask aloud or in your mind, “What skills make me feel independent and helpful?”

3. Take some time, five minutes or more if you like, to sit in this space of celebrating your abilities and the things in your life that make you feel free, autonomous, and of service.

4. If you’re not already, hold your stone in your hands as you take some time, five minutes or more, to see what comes to you in this space. As things come to mind, visualize their energy pouring into the stone you’re holding. 

5. Now ask, aloud or in your mind, “What do I need to release to lean into these skills more fully so I can be of better service to myself and others?”

6. When you feel ready to end this meditation, take some time to write out anything that came to mind to release that may help you feel better able to lean into your skills. 

7. When you’re done, release the paper in a way that feels significant to you. You can burn, bury, compost, or flush it down the toilet.

8. After the full moon, keep the stone as a reminder of what makes you feel independent and how to use it to be of service to others. Anytime you’re feeling disempowered or like your skills don’t matter, hold your stone as a reminder of what makes you, you. 

9. Consider placing your stone out under the light of the Virgo full moon to help amplify your ability to accept and use your skills to be of service to yourself and your community. 

This full moon ritual can be adapted or used for any full moon or any full moon in Virgo. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. 

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