Full Moon in Gemini Ritual

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This Gemini full moon is an opportunity to connect with your spirit to turn your soul whispers into reality, shifting the formless into concrete steps and actions. 

Mutable Gemini seeks to connect, find truth, and be reciprocal. When we marry these themes with the energy of the full moon, it’s a powerful time to transform nudges from spirit into tangible and actionable steps so that you may share them with others. 

So, dear one, what has spirit been nudging you to do? Where are you feeling pulled and called to expand and explore? What are the subtle whispers of your soul that you’ve yet to breathe life into? 

Gemini corresponds with the magician in the tarot, which speaks to the heart of this ritual. The magician has their magickal tools and the four elements swirling within and around them. The magician’s task is to alchemize with these tools to create authentic and solid change to improve themselves and the world around them. 

This full moon is an opportunity to draw out the whispers from your soul, and use your chosen tools to alchemize, and bring these whispers to life. When your spirit comes knocking, it’s an opportunity for you to bring real concrete change to ourselves and the world around us, and a Gemini full moon is a beautiful opportunity to catalyze this process. 

full moon in gemini themes

For this ritual, you will need: 

  • 20-40 minutes of quiet time
  • Herbal smoke or incense of choice
  • Pen/pencil and paper
  • Optional: apatite and quartz 
gemini full moon ritual steps

Ritual Steps: 

1. Collect your items, so they’re nearby. Connect with your breath and body to root into your space by taking a few deep breaths and noticing how your body feels. 

2. Create a sacred space in a way that feels good and natural for you. This could be connecting with the earth’s energy, casting a circle, or calling on guides or deities you work with in your practice. 

full moon in gemini ritual

3. Using your herbal smoke of choice, cleanse your body with the smoke visualizing it pulling away anything you may be carrying around from others. 

4. Ask yourself aloud or in your mind, “What truths does my soul need me to bring forward at this current phase in my life?” (or something similar that feels good to you.) If you’re working with apatite, this would be a great time to hold onto it as you meditate.  

5. Breathe here, giving your soul space to bring messages to the surface of your subconscious mind. Don’t worry about how any of it will unfold or be accomplished at this point.

6. Stay in this space of open curiosity around messages from spirit for as long as you’d like. Come back when you feel ready to end your meditation. 

7. With your pen and paper, write down any insights that came to you from spirit. 

8. Invite spirit to guide by asking aloud or in your mind, “Spirit, please guide me and show me how I can bring these suggestions to life” (or something similar that feels right for you.)

9. Spend some time free-writing, allowing spirit to flow through you onto your paper. At this point, don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or whether or not it makes any sense. Write and doodle for as long as you feel comfortable doing so. 

10. When you feel ready to stop, begin to look over what you wrote. Pull out a few actionable and concrete steps you can start taking to bring this suggestion from spirit into reality. 

11. Write these steps on a new piece of paper. Place the piece of paper on an altar, or somewhere you’ll see it regularly. If you’re working with the piece of quartz, you can place your piece of quartz on top of it under the light of the full moon to help amplify your actions. 

12. In the coming days and weeks, check in with your list to help keep yourself accountable for the actions you and your soul brought to light. 

Once you’ve completed the steps suggested by spirit, you can burn or bury your paper. 

As always, take what you like and leave the rest! Don’t hesitate to modify this ritual to suit your unique path. Wishing you a beautiful full moon! 

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