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Spell bottles are a form of folk magic that can be used for many different purposes. In this post, I’ll be sharing how to make a spell bottle to deepen your connection to intuition. Keep scrolling for directions and a video.


Not sure if spellwork is for you? To me, spells are about directing energy in a specific direction. They’re about using magick, which Dion Fortune defines as “the art of changing consciousness at will,” for healing, manifestation, and connection. They can be simple, and all you really need is yourself and your energy – other items, like the ones we’ll use in this spell, simply infuse some extra magick into the work. 

Keep scrolling to learn how to create an intuition spell bottle!


For this spell, you’ll need:

  • A glass bottle / jar of any size 
  • Paint and brush (optional)
  • A piece of paper and pen 
  • Clary sage oil 
  • Crystals for intuition (suggestions: amethyst, labradorite, lemurian quartz, moonstone)
  • Herbs for intuition (suggestions: mugwort or yarrow)
  • Any other representations of intuition for you 



Like any spell, you’ll want to center and ground yourself before working the spell. You might spend a few minutes meditating or doing breathwork, or anything else that feels grounding to you.

When you feel ready, cleanse each of your items. You can use smoke, sound, salt, or another cleansing technique you align with. If you’d like, you can paint your bottle with symbols that represent intuition to you. You’ll also want to write your intention for the spell on the paper, to add into your bottle. 

After your bottle is ready, take your time to intentionally place each item inside your bottle. Raise energy as you do this, either with deep breaths or chanting. I recommend coming up with your own chant that focuses energy on connecting to your intuition and developing your intuitive abilities.

When you’re done filling your bottle, keep chanting or breathing as long as you’d like. Seal your bottle and spend time meditating on your intention. Connect with how it would feel to have clear access to your intuition, to receive and understand intuitive messages, and to have deeper intuitive abilities. Visualize yourself already having these desires, and feel this energy move through your body. 


Ground the energy after your meditation by placing your palms on the ground and returning any excess energy to the Earth. 

I recommend placing the bottle on your altar, keeping it at the forefront of your consciousness while it works its magic.

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