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In every culture throughout history, water has been worshipped and revered. Water plays a starring role in creation stories and ritual customs from every indigenous tribe and even features in ceremonial practices from every organized religion as well. She plays a vital role in every aspect of spiritual life from birth to death.

And throughout all these many practices in all these many cultures throughout the ages, we see a similar theme echoed: People treated water as an intermediary between the human and the Divine. Whether sending prayers upon her, using her to cleanse their spirits, or asking her for wisdom through water divination (aka hydromancy), there’s always an understanding that water acts as a go-between for this world and the heavenly realms.

So here’s the question… did ancients use the messenger (liquid water) to represent the unseen sender of the message (The Divine)?

This concept of water as a mediator is as old as time. But how would it work?
To answer this, we can look to both ancient myths and modern science.


For the Kogi people of Colombia, for example, water is the origin of reality. For them, the structure of the world is sustained by water – every river, runoff, and raindrop maintains the world. Kogi know that within water is the metaphysical blueprint of existence, it holds the map of reality. All “worlds” of reality, from dreams to the structures of daily life, to psychic visions in medicine journeys, all are maintained by water.

This makes a lot of sense when you consider that water is actually holographic in nature. The internal arrangement of her molecules can imprint, store, and transmit information faster than the speed of light. Encoded in every cluster of water molecules is a record of everything that water has experienced. In fact, water is like a sensory organ of Mother Earth – she feels and remembers everything.


“A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.”
– Lucy Larcom

The Maori word for water is Wai which also means remembrance. Water stores the memory of all that has ever been or will be. They say water remembers its journeys through space and time, among the stars, and into the many places in earth’s body. And they consider the Ocean to be a planetary scale crystal.

And in fact, much like a quartz crystal, water molecules join together in hexagonally structured matrices. But unlike quartz, the matrix is flexible and moves independently, as it’s not glued together by protons. And just like a crystal, structured water can store and amplify electromagnetic frequencies. But not all water has structure. In fact, most water we encounter is incredibly chaotic and unstructured. In fact, the difference between bulk vs. crystalline water is so extreme, that even though they both appear to be clear liquid, they are considered two different phases of water! As molecularly different as ice and vapor. But to the naked eye, they are identical.

Dr. Rustam Roy, one of the world’s foremost water experts, explained it like this: Molecular structure is like the alphabet of water.  Molecules are like letters. When water is unstructured, aka “bulk” water, it’s a nonsensical jumble of letters, and the hydrogen bonds form and break apart billions of times per second! So there’s no time for them to snuggle up and talk to each other. But if the water is structured, the letters fit together. And depending on how they’re arranged (just like with the alphabet) they can carry an infinite amount of information. So is water’s structure, the alphabet for communicating to and from etheric realms?

Each water molecule has 440,000 panels on it that each sense, store and transmit information. So when molecules form a crystalline pattern, water transforms from a random liquid into a sentient and sensitive Being.

It’s sensitive to even the most subtle visual and auditory stimuli, electromagnetic frequencies, even astronomical events. In fact, besides being wet, maybe the most recognizable quality of water is its ability to transmit waves. Sound travels four times faster in water than in air. And water can communicate across vast distances, faster than the speed of light, it’s called Quantum Coherence. When it’s structured, the hydrogen bonds form long tunnels that channel protons through, it’s called jump conduction and it literally allows water to communicate, just as the ancients all agreed.

Interestingly, Russian researchers have found that the MOST influential factor in shaping water’s structure is human emotion. While water does respond to sights and sounds, it will respond to human emotion more quickly and powerfully than anything else.

Consider the experience of thoughts and emotions – they are a cascade of electrical signals, neurochemical hormones and neurotransmitters with electromagnetic signatures. As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic. And every one of these electromagnetic signals resonates with your body waters. Water is a powerful conductor of vibration, and your body water is constantly conducting the energy of your Being. It is resonating to the frequency of YOU, and you are patterning the crystalline structures of your body water with every thought, word, and emotion.

You are a body of water. Not just any water, but highly structured crystalline water. Your body contains vortices that spiral and structure the water within you. We’ve all heard that we’re 70% water, and that’s true by volume. But molecularly, you are 99% water molecules!

So what does this mean, biologically and spiritually? If crystalline water is the mediator between heaven and earth, between etheric and physical, then what does that imply about the greater purpose of your perfect and divine-human form?

Your cerebrospinal fluid is some of the most structured water in your body, and it spirals along your spine from your crown to your root once every 12 hours. Along the way, the pattern of the molecules become imprinted by the electromagnetic frequencies of your 7 main nerve plexuses, located right where the ancient yogic texts describe chakras of coiled energy. Perhaps this is why Paramahansa Yogananda said that the spine is the highway to the infinite because your cerebrospinal fluid is a conduit to divinity. This rhythmic pulse of crystalline body water culminates in the center of your brain, bathing your pineal gland in a concentrated broth of electrically conductivity, resonating with all the vibrational information it gathered along its journey through your energy centers. Your pineal gland is the seat of intuition and clairvoyance, often considered the third eye. It even contains light receptors, just like your eyeballs do, so when it’s well hydrated it can perceive realms beyond what we typically see. So the health of your cerebrospinal waters are crucial for etheric connection and spiritual perception.

And your DNA is like a tightly wrapped electrical coil which is wound in upon itself in concentric vortexes just like an antenna. Each DNA coil is surrounded by a pocket of extremely structured water, with enormously strong hydrogen bonds. This water and, in turn, your DNA, receives vibrational patterning for your continued evolution when the surrounding water is healthy. A drop in your level of dehydration can even cause a shift in the integrity of the DNA helix spine. You want to stay hydrated with the highest quality water so your helixes can stay tightly twisted, keeping your genes young!

So if, as so many ancient cultures believed, water is a mediator between etheric and worldly realms and your body is 99% water, then your body is actually a portal between heaven and Earth! And it seems, from the latest research, that vibration moves in both directions, from water to ether, and also from ether to water. In other words, water mediates the vibrational transfer of energy between seen and unseen realities, carrying messages from the physical to the nonphysical and from the nonphysical to the physical. In this way, water is the key medium of manifestation. It’s how the Divine Blueprint becomes manifest into earthly life. And when we understand this process, we can become more powerful creators in our own rights, by working with the creative capacities of water in manifesting our reality. Water is the driving force behind the Law of Attraction and the Biology of Belief. It is the dwelling place of consciousness, as well as the tool with which consciousness acts upon the world.

“Water occupies A median position between the earth and the universe and is the port of entry through which cosmic peripheral forces pass into the earthly realm. Is it not this wisdom itself that has created the element of water, a tool for its own activity? The laws of the Etheric world are mirrored in the world of water and they carry on a constant creative dialogue“
~ Theodor Schwenk

But not all water can mediate or communicate in this way. Because water is a living body, she can be healthy or sick, alive or dead. In many ancient traditions, living water was distinguished an extra-ordinary form of the liquid that imparts life, not just “ordinary“ water that sustains life.

The Mandaeans, for example, a gnostic sect indigenous to southern Iraq, say that Living water is the link between earth and what they call the world of “light“. They say only one 9th of water on the planet is living. The other 8/9ths they call black water and, while fine for mundane use, it can’t mediate between the two worlds. Only when black water is infused with living water can communication occur. Which aligns with modern research showing that adding a little structured water to bulk water will structure it, a property known as “epitaxy”.

Harnessing its mysterious movements and crystalline properties can turn ordinary water into pure medicine. When we drink living, crystalline water, we not only get hydrated, we also become more resonant channels of vibration. We also nourish our pineal glands and keep our DNA young. Water may seem like the most simple and ubiquitous substance, but the truth is that she is the most complex and mysterious substance in the Universe! Inherent within the physics of water are the answers to the mystery of the mind/body/spirit connection, the laws of Karma, and the potential for enlightenment. Our ancestors knew this, and they passed along clues and stories as to the vast wisdom inherent in water. By following this trail of breadcrumbs, we can reclaim our birthright to thrive as bodies of water, living on a body of water. Learn more about my vision at waterislife.love.

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