Understanding Yourself Through the Sun & the Moon

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Ever since the dawn of time, humans have sought to understand themselves and their place in the universe on a deeper level by looking up at the sky.

Over thousands of years of observations, astrologers have come to recognize that the Sun and Moon are not only luminous orbs of light in the sky that govern the day and night, but their intriguing symbolism can also tell us a lot about who each of us really are and how we naturally tend to behave and react.


What Do the Sun & Moon Represent?

On an astrology chart, the Sun symbolizes your ego. It’s your life’s expression, your attitude, your ego, and the way you move through life. The Sun can also explain your underlying drive and how you most love to be creative. It’s basically how we act when we’re feeling fully alive!

The Moon, on the other hand, symbolizes inner security, comfort, and how we express our emotions whether we’re happy or sad. It describes your emotional landscape and the conditions you need to feel nurtured, safe, and fulfilled.

By tracking where the Sun and Moon fall in your birth chart – which is a map of where the stars and planets were at the time of your birth – you can also gain a deeper understanding of why you naturally do the things you do and feel and act the way you do, too.

diy birth chart in 6 steps how to create your own birth chart

Draw your own birth chart here

How To Find Your Sun Sign

Your Sun Sign is by far the most common astrological point that most people think of when they think of astrology. When someone asks what your sign is, most people tend to know what theirs is. This is your Sun Sign, which is also sometimes referred to as your star sign, and it’s based on the zodiac sign or zone of the sky, the Sun was in when you were born.

The Sun goes through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac every year while spending 30 days in each sign before it moves on to the next. Astrologers sometimes refer to these as seasons because our collective focus tends to change based on which sign is currently being illuminated by the Sun. When you are born, it’s like you get imprinted by this influence and it becomes your focus throughout your life.

Here’s a basic rundown on when each astrological season occurs:

Keep in mind that these dates can change slightly from year to year because the cycle of the Sun does not always match up perfectly with the Gregorian calendar we all know and use.

How To Find Your Moon Sign

Your Moon Sign is based on where the moon was when you were born. This is not quite as easy to figure out because the moon only spends about 2.5 days in each zodiac sign before it moves into the next, moving through all 12 signs over the course of each month. (With the moon moving so quickly, it’s no wonder why our moods tend to be so changeable from day to day!)


By knowing your Moon Sign, you can choose jobs, relationships, and life situations that will help support your inner happiness. It can become more difficult to express yourself fully through your Sun Sign if you are not feeling supported internally.

To find your Moon Sign, can try doing a quick Google search or type your birth date and time in Planetwatcher.com and locate which sign the crescent moon symbol falls on the chart. You may also find it interesting to search for which moon phase you were born under as this can help explain which part of the creative process you are most attuned to.

Decoding Your Sun & Moon Sign

What is your Sun and Moon Sign and what do they have to say about you?


On the most basic level, each sign of the zodiac has a very different set of personality traits which are also based on different elements found in nature:

  • Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are Fire signs and they all tend to be very direct, passion-driven, and find great joy in promoting the things they love and influencing others with their great ideas.
  • Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are Earth signs and they are more calm and practical when it comes to setting goals. They’re persistent and hard working in going after what they want and are able to do what needs to be done to see their aims through to the very end.
  • Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are Air signs and they love to socialize, communicate, and collaborate with others. They’re great at sharing their ideas and thinking intellectually and conceptually.
  • Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are Water signs and they can be sensitive, emotional, compassionate, idealistic, and imaginative. They can easily sense how others around them are feeling and long to forge deeper connections.

There is so much more to learn about your Sun and Moon beyond this, but I hope this basic overview has helped you feel more attuned to yourself and the incredible universe we live in.

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