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A birth chart, also called a natal chart, is a snapshot of the sky and all its planets at the moment you were born. A few factors play into your birth chart—the time and day you were born and the location you were born at. With just this bit of information, the cosmos can reveal truths about your personality, your life path, and how to get the most out of this lifetime.

[To learn more about birth charts and download your own free printable chart, click here.]

One key to understanding your birth chart is the north node (also called the true node) and the corresponding south node. In this blog, I’m going to share how the nodes can help you understand your life’s purpose. Keep scrolling to read on!


Unlike most of the placements you’ll see in your chart like your moon sign, Venus sign, or sun sign, the nodes aren’t planets or asteroids. Rather, they’re mathematical points based on the moon—hence, why they’re also called lunar nodes.



The north node, or the true node, shows us the path that’s calling us. It shows us the terrain we’re invited to cross in this lifetime, our purpose, our truth. It’s the way that we’re being asked to involve in this lifetime on planet Earth. In short and sweet terms, I like to think of it as our life’s purpose.


Although I won’t focus on the south node in this blog post, you can’t talk about the north node without mentioning the south node! If the north node is our invitation for this life, the south node shows what we’ve brought into this life from past lives.

Our south node reveals what we’re already good at, what we’ve mastered in past lives. It’s a place where we feel comfortable and connect with a sense of belonging. It’s always in the polar sign of our north node, so even though most astrological charts don’t specify where the south node is, you can find it easily.

For example, my north node is in Scorpio in the third house. So I know that my south node is in Taurus, Scorpio’s polar sign, in the ninth house, the polar house of the third house!

The idea of the south node isn’t to transcend it or leave it behind but to find a way to bring it into your journey with your north node.


Below you’ll find a brief overview of what the north node in each sign may mean. Keep in mind that mixing your own intuition with this information is where you’ll get the most powerful insight!

If you don’t know where your north node is yet, head over to astro.com or Cafe Astrology to get your free chart.


Aries energy is like a match (think Ace of Wands in the tarot!). It’s the emergence after winter, the birth of spring, the charging forth and bringing forth of new ideas. If your north node is in Aries, this lifetime is about bringing your fiery, passionate, bold ideas into the world. It’s about being a pioneer, a soul-centered warrior, for love and justice.



With a north node in Taurus, you are learning how to manifest beauty, money, and creativity on the physical plane. Taurus is a sign that appreciates pleasure, love, and beauty and is masterful at manifesting material value. This can be a lifetime of learning what you value and how to create it without getting caught up in worthiness blocks.



If you have your north node in Gemini, you are here to connect, to relate, to communicate. You are here with a message, you’re here with words you need to share with people, and you’re here to step into and share wisdom.



Cancer is our cardinal water sign, ruled by the moon. It’s a sign that’s all about home, the past, our ancestors, and nourishing and caretaking. If your north node is in Cancer, in this lifetime you are learning how to nourish and caretake yourself, to create a safe space for yourself—and then, for everyone else, too.

You may find yourself drawn to working with your ancestors, to healing ancestral and karmic patterns, and to use your emotions to connect with those around you.



With a Leo north node, your focus is on learning how to express yourself and how to take up space. With a south node in Aquarius, you may feel more comfortable in the background or as part of the group.

Your Leo north node is inviting you to step into your power and magic as an individual, empower yourself to express yourself fully (particularly in creative endeavors), and take up space with pride and love.



Virgo is a sign of devotion, of service, of healing. With a north node in Virgo, you are here to heal. You’re here to “build a vessel of love” as astrologer Heidi Rose Robbins says. Your path in this life is one of service, of devoting yourself to healing, of bringing forth unconditional love.



If you have a Libra north node, this lifetime is about finding balance between self and others. You are learning how to come into the right relationship with someone else without giving up your power, becoming codependent, or abandoning yourself just to make peace.

This can also be a beautiful and deep path of justice! Libra, the scales, is a sign traditionally associated with the law, judges, and courtrooms. That may not be your path specifically, but a Libra north node can be a journey of creating more justice in this lifetime—for yourself and for all.



With a north node in Scorpio, you may be stepping into your power and gifts as a practitioner of the occult—a tarot reader, energy worker, or psychospiritual practitioner of some kind. But in the bigger picture, a Scorpio north node is often about learning how to transform. The tarot card ruled by Scorpio is Death, so you are learning how to shed the snakeskin, step into new parts of your identity, and get comfortable with transformation and change in this lifetime.



With a Sagittarius north node, you are here to inspire! You’re here to inspire others with your gorgeous mutable fire, your actions, your freedom, your vision, the way you live. Connect with your big vision and live it out to fulfill your life’s purpose. In doing so, you’ll inspire the collective to do the same.



With a Capricorn north node, you are here to climb the mountain and to lead. Capricorn is probably our most hardworking sign, symbolized by the mountain goat. Your charge in this lifetime is to live with purpose, to own your leadership, and to show the way for others to climb the mountain behind you.



Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is a sign that’s about authenticity and innovation. With a north node in Aquarius, you are here to step into your soul’s authenticity and create the next world for all. To innovate, to change, to awaken self and others so that we can create a new age of peace and unity on Earth. A big mission indeed!



Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is said to encompass the energy of all the other signs. If your north node is in Pisces, your path in this lifetime is to heal and offer universal compassion to yourself and to all of humanity. It’s an invitation to keep your heart opening, opening, opening even when it feels hard and it might be easier to close it off from feeling.


Your north node will also be impacted by the house it’s in, but that’s a post for another day. If you’d like to dive deeper into your north node, I recommend checking out Jan Spiller’s famous book, Astrology for the Soul.

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