Understanding the Energy of Capricorn Season

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Welcome to Capricorn season! Our cardinal Earth sign, this sign is here to help us climb the mountain towards our dreams.

Whether you have Capricorn placements in your birth chart or not, we’re all feeling into this energy during this season. In this blog, I’ll be sharing what Capricorn is all about, the planetary and tarot associations of Capricorn, and how to understand Capricorn in your chart. 

understanding the energy of capricorn season capricorn energy


Symbolized by the mountain goat, Capricorn energy is here to help us climb the mountain towards our dreams, visions, and whatever success means to us. It offers us ambition, direction, and structure. Within this structure, our emotions, our intuition, and our hearts have space to flow and move. In this way, Capricorn helps us move towards our purpose in this lifetime.

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn can be stereotyped as only about structure and authority. But as an Earth sign that begins with the winter solstice, it also connects us to the magic of the Earth, of the physical, of the tangible.

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The featured oracle card deck is The Ritual Deck.

The Saturn ruling of this archetype also connects it to the patriarchy and father energy. Soul-centered Capricorn asks us to find healthy expressions of the masculine and dissolve patriarchy as well as the patriarchy within. 

When Capricorn integrates with its polar sign Cancer, it holds the structure for Cancer’s water to flow, finding deep balance between receptivity and action, being and doing, feeling and acting. 


In the tarot, Capricorn is associated with the Devil, the World, and the Knight of Pentacles. Each of these cards speaks to a different aspect of Capricorn energy. 

The Devil card, ruled by Capricorn, speaks to the aspect of Capricorn that is about power. How do you connect to your power, and do you use it to create power with? Or are you using it to replicate harmful hierarchical systems and continue to reinforce power over?

capricorn energy in the tarot understanding capricorn energy

Featured tarot card deck is the Waite-Smith deck.

The World card, ruled by Saturn, is the embodiment of reaching the pinnacle of the mountain. One cycle ends and so another cycle begins. How will you honor the completion of cycles? Will you immediately move on to the next thing, or will you create some space to process, celebrate, honor, and grieve?

The Knight of Pentacles, cardinal Earth in the court cards, is an action-oriented card. All of the knights move, and the Knight of Pentacles moves in a slow, embodied, purposeful way. Its actions are based on a foundation that is strong and sustainable. Embody Capricorn energy by taking slow, embodied, purposeful action towards your dreams.


To understand Capricorn in your chart, you’ll want to look at a couple of pieces:

  • Any planets in Capricorn
  • The house that Capricorn rules in your chart. Whatever house Capricorn rules indicates the area of life where you are meant to be visible and channel ambition.
  • Your 10th house. The 10th house is traditionally ruled by Capricorn. The sign that rules your 10th house can add another layer indicating how Capricorn themes show up in your life.

Another way to understand Capricorn energy in your life could be to ask your oracle or tarot deck: how is Capricorn energy showing up in my life right now? 

smoky point main

Want to connect more deeply with Capricorn energy? You can also try working with earthy crystals aligned with this season like smoky quartz, garnet, obsidian, and shungite. 

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