Three Rituals for Ostara

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The spring equinox, also called Ostara, takes place around March 20th each year. This sabbat marks the day when dark and light are in equal balance. After Ostara, we have more light each day and less darkness as we build up to the peak of the sun at the summer solstice. These rituals are great to perform anytime between the Ostara and Beltane.


The Earth is beginning to get warmer and more fertile each day. Associated with the maiden aspect of the triple goddess, Ostara is a time of new life, fertility, balance and harmony, birth, manifestation, and innocent, child-like wonder. 

In this post, I’ll be sharing 3 rituals for Ostara. Keep scrolling for all three rituals and check out the video below.

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Creating an altar is a beautiful way to honor any nature-based holiday. I’m a huge fan of letting altar creation be intuitive – what does Ostara mean to you, and what symbols can you place on your altar to represent that personal meaning? Learn more about altars here


With that being said, here are some altar item suggestions to inspire your creativity: 

  • Fresh flowers
  • Eggs
  • Pastel-colored candles
  • Fertility goddess drawings or photos (remember, fertility isn’t just about birthing babies but about the energy of creation – which we can channel into so many different creations!)
  • A photo of your child self 
  • Sprouts 
  • Images of rabbits 
  • The Sun card, Lovers card, or other tarot cards you associate with this time 
  • Crystals associated with fertility, renewal, or balance like sunstone, green aventurine, moss agate, or peach moonstone

You can ritualize your altar creation by gathering your items mindfully and taking some time to meditate before putting your altar together. As you place each item on your altar, feel the energy of Ostara moving through your body and your space, bringing you renewal, fertility, and harmony.  


One of my favorite rituals for Ostara is simply doing an activity you loved as a child. Maybe you loved to play in the forest, paint with your hands, swim in the ocean, or sing. Carve out intentional time to do that activity again today, and notice how your inner child responds. My guess is that she’ll love it!

As you play, see if you can suspend any skeptical or critical voices that may pop up inside, saying that what you’re doing is silly or stupid or doesn’t matter. Can you access the sense of pure wonder, curiosity, and play you once felt every day? 

Spend some time journaling afterward to process your experience and dig into the ways you’d like to bring more childlike wonder into your daily life. 


For this ritual, you’ll need:

  • 2 spell candles of different colors 
  • Moss agate (optional)

This ritual connects to the balance aspect of this holiday. Remember, on any equinox (spring or fall), light and darkness come into balance. It’s a powerful time to find more balance in our lives, too. 

Start by grounding yourself with a few deep breaths or using another grounding practice you enjoy. Take some time to get clear on where you need more balance in your life. If you’re using moss agate, a naturally balancing crystal, you could hold it at this time. You might like to meditate, do breathwork, free write, or pull cards to get clarity on the balance your heart is craving.

Once you feel clear, take a few deep breaths to return to center and speak aloud where you are craving more balance in your life. Light your candles as you say, “As I light these candles, I call in more balance between ______.”

As your candles burn, visualize yourself having this balance in your life. How does it feel? Who do you become? Really take your time to luxuriate in this energy as you let your candles burn all the way down. 

Take a moment to ground yourself again, and close your ritual with a moment of gratitude.

Which ritual will you be doing for Ostara? We’d love to hear on Instagram! You can find more rituals for Ostara here and meditations for the Wheel of the Year here.

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