Intention Meditation for the New Year

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Each morning we rise with the promise of being able to start over, and no morning is better suited for a reset than New Year’s Day. The New Year is a time of rebirth and so, finds many of us setting our intentions for the next year. The trick is setting intentions that feel authentic to who you are and promise to bring real change to how you approach every aspect of your life.

Intentions Are Naturally Expansive


Intentions truly have no limit. If you decide that you would like to feel balanced and happy every day, there’s no end to that. You also can enjoy the flexibility of not having to hit a degree of happiness each day. If today you’re just a little happy, while yesterday you felt like you were flying, you’ve still achieved your intention.

Goals are wonderful to have, and it’s tradition at this point to set New Year’s Resolutions. But here’s the thing: goals can make you feel like you’ve failed at something. If you don’t meet a goal, it’s easy to feel bad about missing it.

So, if you’re a more goal-oriented person, start with setting an intention, then set your goal, and be sure to add some self-compassion to keep things positive.

Have No Regrets


It’s natural to look at things that you didn’t do, relationships that came to an end, or other events that you perceive as being negative. But I challenge you to shift your thinking about last year so that you can set yourself up for success this year.

  • Ask yourself the following questions:
  • How was last year’s healing?
  • What freedoms do I feel now that I’ve let some of the junk go?
  • When did my choices honor my true self?
  • What bad habits did I overcome?
  • How far have I come with ____?


A Meditation Script for Setting Intentions

The following script will guide you through a healing meditation that focuses on setting intentions. Use it as a rough guide in your practice or record yourself reading it on your phone so you can play it back whenever you’d like.

Before you begin, have an intention in mind, either a new one or one that you’d like to renew.

Taking a deep breath in, I invite you to close your eyes and notice your body in this space.

Notice how the breath moves in through your nose and out again. Let’s take ten nourishing breaths here.

As you continue to breathe, notice that you can direct your attention anywhere you’d like it to go.

I invite you to draw your attention to the center of your head, imagining going deep into the center of your consciousness, about eye level. Any time your mind wanders, bring your awareness back to this spot.

Still breathing, I invite you to recall the last year. Is there anything that you wish to release?

If so, imagine that energy, memory, or even regret coming together in a ball of light floating in front of you. Allow this process to occur at a pace that’s comfortable.

What color is that energy? Do you feel the old year releasing out of different parts of your body?

What does it look like?

Still breathing, I invite you to release that ball of energy. Perhaps it floats off into the sun to be burned up in its rays. Maybe you imagine an angel coming down and carrying it safely away. Or maybe it just disappears.

As you watch this energy leave, how do you feel? Take a few moments to enjoy the expansiveness of this release.

Now, let’s fill in those spots that housed that old energy.

Consider an intention you would like to set – either a new one or one you’d like to renew.

Maybe you imagine writing the intention down in your journal. Perhaps you imagine what it would be like to hear it spoken aloud by a favorite person.

If this intention also looked like a ball of energy or light, what color would it be?

Would it be warm or cool?

I invite you to imagine a beautiful funnel over your head. This golden funnel simply floats above your head and invites only the best, most beautiful energy into your body.

At this time, imagine that funnel draws the energy of your intention into your body, filling up all the empty spaces where the old energy from last year resided.

If you feel a physical sensation, like a tingling or a twitching, that’s okay. Your body is simply responding to the shift in energy.

When it feels as if this energy has filled your body, take a moment to close off your funnel, knowing you can reopen it at any time to invite only the best energy into yourself.

Let’s take another ten nourishing breaths here and sit in this space with renewed, intentional energy.

When you are ready, you may end your meditation at your own pace.

If you enjoyed this meditation and want to learn more about meditation check out more blog posts on meditation here.

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