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Our September full moon in Pisces offers an opportunity to explore our dreams, both here in physical and in more liminal spaces. The sign of Pisces calls you to explore your spirituality, dreams, subconscious, and your imagination.

If you enjoy this ritual, I invite you to share it with someone else who might benefit from it as well. 

Themes for this full moon: Exploring your subconscious and imagination, connecting with your dreams, and feeling into your spiritual practices.

themes for the pisces full moon

Element: Water

The ideal time to perform this ritual: Sunday the 19th through Tuesday the 21st. You can work with the energy of the full moon anytime over a three-day period. However, the moon is in the sign of Pisces on Sunday through Tuesday morning. 

water ritual for the pisces full moon

You’ll need: 

  • 15-30 minutes of quiet and uninterrupted time
  • 1 large jar of water 
  • Pen or pencil and paper
  • Optional: aquamarine or moonstone

1. Before you begin, ensure that your jar of water is close enough that you can pick it up. Optional: hold or place a piece of aquamarine or moonstone on your body as you begin to tune into this space.

dream ritual for pisces full moon

2. Create a sacred space by grounding yourself into the present moment and connecting with your breath and body. Sit, and begin connecting with your breath. Allow your breath to flow in a way that feels natural and good to you.

meditation ritual for the pisces full moon

3 As you tune in, ask your higher-self, guides, or Goddesses or Gods you work with aloud or in your mind, “Please, take me on a journey through my subconscious to explore my spiritual path.” (or anything similar that feels in alignment with your path.)

full moon ritual for pisces full moon

4. Be open and allow the moon’s energy to help deepen this journey. If nothing comes, continue to focus on your breath and how your body feels. Journey and breathe through this liminal space for as long as you’d like.full moon in pisces ritual

5. Pick up your jar of water. While holding it in your hands, infuse it with anything that came up for you during your meditation journey, including any feelings, visuals, words, or messages. Tip: The realm of your subconscious often speaks in imagery and illusions. It’s okay if what you experienced doesn’t make sense yet.

spirit ritual for pisces full moon

6. Take a drink of your water, feeling your experience permeate your body on a deeper level.

7. On your paper, write or draw anything meaningful that came to you. If nothing came to you, write or draw your personal dreams and spiritual desires on your paper.

full moon in pisces ritual 2

8. Place the paper and your crystal, if you’re working with one, in your jar of water to leave out for one night under the moonlight. The moon has a special relationship with water and will help to expand your dreams.

guided ritual for the pisces full moon

9. As you come to a close with your ritual, be sure to thank any guides, Goddesses, Gods, or ancestors who came through to offer guidance.

10. Ritual follow-up suggestions: If you worked with a crystal, place it on your nightstand or under your pillow to help open you up to your dream world. Pour the water into a natural body of water or the earth, thanking it for its wisdom and power. Your paper can be placed on an altar as a reminder or buried in the ground to disperse its energy.

Optional ritual modification: If you have an active dream life, this ritual could be easily modified to occur over the course of the night in your dreams.

This full moon ritual can be adapted or used for any full moon in Pisces. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. If you enjoyed this ritual, consider sharing it with someone else. Love & Shadow, Cassie

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