Attracting Love With Crystal Grids

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Are you in the throes of heartache? Is finding your soul mate on your daily to-do list? Or do you struggle with negative self-talk? There are crystals for each of these predicaments and crystal grids are the perfect way to amplify the healing energy of crystals. By linking all of the crystal’s energies you will send out an ultra-charged message to the cosmos that transcends earthly lingo.

While you may not be a fan of ushering in Hallmark holidays, you will want to know about these extraordinary crystal grids spreads for aligning your heart’s desires!

This ritualistic pattern making will soothe your nerves and sort out the many faces of love. You get to be specific with crystal grids, and the universe loves it when you’re specific.

Because love is complex, I’m sharing three different grids with you to address a variety of love related needs: attracting love, healing love, and self-love.

Getting Started

For each love desire, I’ve included a suggested prayer that can be used while setting up your grid, a centerpiece, and accompanying crystals. The images of my grids are suggestions, yours can be arranged in any way you like with as many or as few of the suggested crystals. Have a favorite crystal that’s calling your name? Feel free to include it too!

Attracting love

You don’t want just any kind of love. You want to invite a healthy, long-lasting passion into your life! Go get ’em, girl!

The Prayer: I attract love effortlessly and am open to a loving relationship. I do not have to work hard to find love. I trust that the universe will bring me the love I deserve.

The Centerpiece: The conch shell is a choice centerpiece for this grid. It has long been used in ceremonial summoning spells. Summon love-filled hearts with the conch! Plus, some conch shells have been known to sound over a 2-mile radius. So if we’re taking this in a literal sense…your lover may be closer than you think!

The Crystals:

  • Howlite: Encourages desirable personality traits. Use this calming stone to quiet an overcritical mind.
  • Rose Quartz & Peridot: This pair will help you in being open to new experiences.
  • Kunzite: This stone will create a loving relationship through communication and feelings of joy.
  • Carnelian: The action stone. Carnelian stimulates the sacral chakra and inspires confidence.

As you activate your grid let divine love pour over you. Visualize the light of the divine flowing through you, and into your crystal creation!

Healing Love

This is a tough one. You may want to bury a broken heart. But if you’re ever going to remove the pain, healing old wounds is part of the course. I know that these soothing vibes will radiate peace in you!

The Prayer: Instead of loss, I turn to love. I will surround myself with people who love me and adore me. I trust the universe and believe that all things happen for a reason and in divine timing.

The Centerpiece: Lilac Lepidolite tower. Gain a star-based perspective on your life from the height of this tower! If you have any destructive patterns in your life it will shed light on them like a lighthouse! Enjoy feelings of relief and serenity with this lithium laced lepidolite.

The Crystals:

  • Amazonite: Lies in a relationship are the absolute worst! Summon truth with this stone
  • Malachite: Heals traumatic memories
  • Snowflake Obsidian: Helps to bring emotions to the surface so you can work through them
  • Mangano Calcite: Forgiveness
  • Amethyst: Helps bring peace and comfort to an overly busy or agitated mind

As you activate your grid, touch the tower with one hand and your heart with the other. Allow the serene energy to pulse through you.

Self Love

Self-love is your foundation for all other kinds of love. Cultivate self-love and the possibilities will be endless. With all of my self-care tips, I know you already have a head start on this one!

The Prayer: I am worthy of love. The universe wants me to pursue things that bring me love and happiness. I love and accept my imperfections. My spirit is unique and perfect just as it is.

The Centerpiece: The bloodstone heart reminds us in the toughest times, that we are capable! This centerpiece will pulse confidence through your veins! It also brings clarity to decision making skills. Here’s to not making the same mistake twice!

The Crystals:

  • Tree Agate: Encourages abundance and fullness.
  • Hematite: Hematite is your sledgehammer for roadblocks. Knock ’em down and be wonderfully, unapologetically you!
  • Rhodonite: Has anyone ever told you that you aren’t good enough? Maybe this has stuck with you as negative self chatter. Allow rhodonite to clear away these unkind words for a fresh start.
  • Dumortierite (blue quartz): Self-reliance and ability to stand up for yourself.

As you activate your grid, remind yourself “I deserve respect, happiness, and love.”

Keep your grid up for as long as you feel you need it. Learn more about activating your grid in this previous blog post. Whatever kind of love you are seeking I know you’ll find it and setting the right intention is the perfect place to start!

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