Activating Your Crystal Grid

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You’ve set an intention and created a beautiful crystal grid, but now what? Activating your crystal grid is a great way to spend more time with it, reinforce your intention, and bring positive energy into it. We covered the basics of making a crystal grid for reaching your goals on the blog two weeks ago, and today I want to talk a bit about how to carry on with this practice.

As a note, crystal wands are beautiful but they’re not a necessity for activating your grid. You can use a point crystal of your choice or even your hand.  

Three Ways to Activate Your Crystal Grid

With all three of these methods, it’s important to center yourself with a few deep breaths and focus your mind on your intention or goal for the crystal grid. You may want to repeat a mantra or visualization throughout the activation process to help reinforce your intention.


Start on the outer crystals of your grid with your crystal wand or a pointed crystal, and start drawing lines between the crystals, just like you’d do for a dot-to-dot drawing. Continue working your way closer to the center, drawing invisible lines between all of the crystals. Once you reach the center stone take a moment to close your eyes and imagine the energy of the stones uniting and connecting.



Starting on the outside of the crystal grid, circle your wand or pointed crystal around the grid in any direction that feels good to you. As you slowly circle the crystals’ image, invisible lines of energy begin connecting them. Once you’ve finished this first step, place your wand on your center stone and slowly trace out on the rows of crystals, using the same motion you would cut a cake, until you’ve traced over all of them. Imagine the energy of the crystals uniting and radiating from the center stone.


Start by moving your hand above the stones in a circular motion. Imagine a ray of light connecting all of the crystal and traveling through them. Spend as much time as you’d like on this step, moving your hand over the crystals and visualizing the light. When you feel that the stones are connected, hold your hand over the center stone and feel all of the energy centralizing there.


With all of these methods, take a moment to sit with your activation and fully experience and thank the universe for the energy to activate your crystal grid.

If you’re looking for a crystal grid to start with, download our Metraton’s Cube crystal grid here.

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