6 Unexpected Gemstones You’ll Want in Your Jewelry Collection

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Have more crystals than friends? Me too. Take a deep breath, you’re in the right place, no judgment here. I’m always on the hunt for new meaningful gems and crystals to add to my jewelry collection and today I’ve six powerful and lesser-known stones to share with you. Maybe all of these crystals will be new for you, or chances are you’ve spotted one somewhere but weren’t entirely sure of how to use it. So make some room on your crystal shelf (and your fingers), I’m here to introduce you to six new stones that will steal your heart and steady your soul!


This rosey stone ranges from pink hues to black. It was originally discovered in Russia, is now mined in many places around the world, and is the state gemstone of Massachusetts. Think of rhodonite as a peace offering for your heart chakra. She mends a broken heart and wards off ill intent. She revives a somber spirit, promotes acceptance and emotional balance. Bonus, Rhodonite is also especially helpful for healing physical wounds too!

Rhodonite Benefits & Uses

Rhodonite contains levels of manganese that make it a choice pick for healing wounds, bruises, bug bites, and other physical ailments. Rhodonite is even used to make crystal elixirs which are ingested to help treat stomach ulcers! Skip the frozen T-bone. Keep a few rhodonite crystals in your freezer and use them the next time you have a bruise!


This crystal was originally discovered in Greenland, I can’t tell you the exact color of this stone because it changes! Hackmanite mined from Greenland and Quebec begin in deeper hues of pink and purple. As the stones become exposed to the light they turn white! However, if your hackmanite comes from Afghanistan or Myanmar it will begin as a white stone and darken when exposed to sunlight. This color shifting is known as tenebrescence or reversible photochromism. It is one of only four tenebrescent stones, so this quality is pretty rare!

Hackmanite Benefits & Uses

Have you been a bad judge of a situation recently? If you’re like me you have a knack for casually insulting strangers who just don’t get your sarcasm. Hackmanite is the “time and place” stone. Use it to elevate your intuitions by way of your third eye and crown chakra. When you’re on your A-game in any situation, your self-esteem will benefit too! Try meditating in savasana with a piece of hackmanite on your brow.

Orange or Peach Aventurine

Time for green aventurine to move over so peach aventurine can have some attention! Most aventurine is mined from India and is a relatively inexpensive stone. It’s sometimes referred to as the “whisper stone” because it has much more gentle and soothing energy than some of its orange counterparts.

Orange or Peach Aventurine Benefits & Uses

Quiet your inner critic with the “whisper stone”! It’s cheery like sunshine and warms the body and the mind. This gentle stone will slowly activate the sacral chakra to bring more creativity into your life. It can also aid in conceiving a child and promotes a happy pregnancy. Let the sunshine spill over into your being with this soothing joyful stone!


Snag yourself a space rock! Tektites were created when meteorites impacted Earth thousands of years ago. Meteorite flung molten debris high into the atmosphere, when this debris fell back down to earth, the black tektite stones were created. You’ll find that this rock comes in pretty unique shapes.


Tektite Benefits & Uses

Break the bonds of earthly limitations with this piece of the stars. Tektite enhances psychic abilities and elevates your dream state. Sleep with a piece of this stone beneath your pillow for a galactic trip. Dark stones are also beneficial for your plants. Place a tektite in the soil with your plants to transfer the vibrations of the universe to your green friends!

Grape Agate

Made up of grape-like spheres, this bubbly little gem wears its name well. It can appear in both purples and greens and was first discovered along in coastal Indonesia. Grape agate can be found in clusters and is a great alternative to amethyst for charging your smaller crystals!

Grape Agate Benefits & Uses

Here’s a short quote from Robert Simmons (leader in gemstone and mineral know-how) about grape agate:

Grape Agate is a powerful stone of spiritual purification. It emanates the Violet Ray, which unites the etheric, astral, emotional, mental and physical bodies in their intended true harmony…These stones increase one’s sensitivity to inner guidance, and they enhance one’s ability to follow it as well. The quiet power of Grape Agate can simultaneously increase one’s spiritual awareness and clear away inner obstacles to action toward the highest good.

Dumortierite or Blue Quartz

This rare, blue version of quartz is sometimes confused with sodalite and has even be disguised as faux lapis. However, dumortierite is quite different if you know what to look for. Because dumortierite is a quartz, it is semi-translucent, whereas sodalite and lapis are not. The blue hues are usually a bit softer in dumortierite than lapis and sodalite.

Dumortierite Benefits & Uses

Dumortierite is the stone of order. Working on a big project, need to organize the house, or prepare for a big change? This is your stone! This blue quartz can help you bring a sense of order in chaos, and self-discipline if you’re struggling with completing a project. Because this crystal is blue it will also work with your throat chakra and help give voice to any creative projects you may be working on.

I hope you found something new and different to add to your crystal collection! Know a fellow goddess who’d love to hear about these rare beauties too? Share away and let her know.

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