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Hello there! If you are following our series on mudras, last week we discussed the Varuna (water) mudra, which is used to increase the water element within the body. Today, I want to talk about the Vayu (air) mudra, which, in contrast, decreases the air element within the body. During my research, I found it interesting that this mudra works to reduce air in the body while the other elements work to increase in the body. But this totally makes sense because too much air in the body causes bloating, puffiness and especially help with joint, neck, and spinal discomfort.


To practice this mudra, fold your index finger down to your palm, secured by your thumb, bringing gentle pressure of the thumb upon this finger. The rest of your fingers remain straight.

Also, as we have talked about before, you can employ these hand mudras at any time, anywhere. Though it can be most beneficial if done while seated in the lotus position during mediation or yoga. Another interesting tidbit I learned during my research this week is that our hands define our Karma and our fingers are the power points. Neat, huh? Had you ever heard that?

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