Understanding the Energy of Sagittarius Season

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Welcome to Sagittarius season! Our mutable fire sign, this vision-oriented archetype is here to expand our minds and hearts into new dreams of what’s possible.

Whether you have Sagittarius placements in your birth chart or not, we’re all feeling into this energy during this season. In this blog, I’ll share what Sagittarius is all about, the planetary and tarot associations of Sagittarius, and how to understand Sagittarius in your chart. 

understanding the energy of sagittarius season


Symbolized by the archer, the fiery sign of Sagittarius’ energy is on the go. It’s a journey sign: it moves, it changes, it flows, it hungers, it desires. I think of this archetype as mind-expanding, adventurous, and freedom-seeking. It’s not an energy that wants to be reined in or held in a container. With that, it’s also an archetype that is always orienting towards truth — which means yes, it can be a little blunt at times. 

sagittarius season energy fire sign sagittarius ritual deck

Featured deck is The Ritual Deck. 

Sagittarius doesn’t just seek external journeys. It seeks internal journeys, as well. It’s an archetype that loves to learn, teach, and inspire. This energy can play with the big questions of life, philosophizing and exploring, for hours and weeks and years. At its core, Sagittarius is truly a visionary, carrying us forward on our paths towards our dreams.  

Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and travel, Sagittarius has such a quality of aliveness. It’s a sign that says YES. 

All signs have a shadow energy and expression, and in its shadow, Sagittarius can tend towards excess and even rigid fundamentalist belief systems. But when fully integrated with its polar sign, air sign Gemini, Sagittarius finds more flow, pursuing its desires, big questions, and dreams with a little more centeredness. 


In the tarot, Sagittarius is associated with Temperance, the Wheel of Fortune, and the Queen of Wands. Each of these cards speaks to a different aspect of Sagittarius energy.

Temperance, ruled by Sagittarius, is an alchemist. This card shows us what’s possible when we orient towards our vision, honor our desire, and embrace who we are. 

The Wheel of Fortune, ruled by Jupiter, speaks to the magic that can happen in our lives when we let the Universe take us for a journey. It speaks towards our expansion: which can certainly be uncomfortable at times.

tarot cards for sagittarius season

Featured decks are the Starchild Tarot and the Waite-Smith deck.

The Queen of Wands, mutable fire in my practice with the court cards, speaks to Sagittarius’s aspect that is about hunger, desire, and truth. Queen of Wands embodies their magic, their desire, and their truth, and in doing so, embodies more of themselves. 


To understand Sagittarius in your chart, you’ll want to look at a couple of pieces:

  • Any planets in Sagittarius
  • The house that Sagittarius rules in your chart. Whatever house Sagittarius rules indicates the area of life where you are meant to expand continually. 
  • Your 9th house. Sagittarius traditionally rules the 9th house. The sign that rules your 9th house can add another layer indicating how Sagittarius themes show up in your life.

Another way to understand Sagittarius energy in your life could be to ask your oracle or tarot deck: how is Sagittarius energy showing up in my life right now?

sodalite for sagittarius season

Sodalite for truth-seeking Sagittarius. 

Want to connect more deeply with Sagittarius energy? You can work with chrysocolla to connect with vision and expansion or sodalite to connect with truth. 

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