Strengthen Your Spiritual Connections with Sacred Geometry

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Divine spiritual connection, that’s what you strive for, right? Complete and inner peace. The contentment of your place both in and out of, this world. The sensation that you are divinely cared for.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for meaningful ways to energize your spiritual connection. Think of sacred geometry as your doorway to the light of the universe. Gazing at sacred geometry during meditation, wearing it, and drawing it can all be used to make you feel more in tune.

But, I’ve got more than enlightened know-how for you today!

Read on to learn more about sacred geometry and receive your free printable coloring page to get you in the zone.


What is Sacred Geometry?

This yearning for closeness is nothing new. Some believe that a form of communication can be found from reconstructing geometric patterns found in the natural world. These patterns present themselves in the nautilus shell, the human eye, and molecules of our DNA, snowflakes, even the air we breathe. When these patterns are replicated it is called Sacred Geometry.

Sacred Geometry has been used in the making of the pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, Stonehenge and the Mayan temples (to name a few). Sacred Geometry is thought to be the blueprint of creation and the language of the gods. So, it’s no wonder that these symbols have become admired and replicated all throughout human history.

Without having to go so far as visiting the pyramids, you can apply sacred geometry in your everyday life! Here are a few patterns to get you started.

The Flower of Life


  • Holds within it the basic information of all living things. It is the visual expression of the interconnectedness of all life forms.
  • See this symbol in your mind’s eye during meditation, or while chanting, as a reminder of your connections with all other humans and this world.

The Seed of Life


  • This universal symbol for creation is thought to represent the seed from which all life was made. This seed holds the intelligent blueprint for all life.
  • Color this pattern to depict the colors of your seven chakras! The way the colors overlap is referred to as the soul spectrum. Use your soul spectrum pattern as a crystal grid or to charge your crystals prior to chakra work! Let your colorful soul shine!

Click here to get your printable Seed of Life coloring page.


Sri Yantra


  • Traced back through Hinduism, this pattern is said to be the visual expression of OM.
  • Meditate on this symbol to inspire enlightenment. Attune yourself to the universal consciousness or wear a Sri Yantra charm for wealth, strengthened relationships, peace, and alignment with the universe.

I can’t wait to see your soul spectrum pictures, be sure to tag @cassieuhl so I can check them out! 

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