Reaching Your Goals With Crystal Grids

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I’m sure you’ve been working hard to stay focused on all those New Year goals you set intentions for in January. If you’re like me, you may need a little momentum after the buzz of the new year subsides. I’ve got some good news, not only are crystal grids beautiful but they’re also a great tool to help reach your goals.


Why crystals?

If you’re like me, you have a special place in your heart for these natural beauties. What makes crystals even more enchanting is that they often have a little piece of you in each one of them. Maybe you found a crystal on a memorable hike. Maybe you were just browsing your favorite online crystal shop when you spotted one that seemed to be calling your name (that definitely happened to me several times this week).

What do we love about using crystals?

Crystals are thought to be gifts from the Universe – even physical manifestations of your spiritual work. They come from the Earth. So, they are rooting. They connect our energy back to the Earth and the Earth back to us. Because of this energy, crystals can elevate our vibes: our intentions. Using multiple crystals has the potential to magnify the shared energy toward the desired intention.


Where do I start?

Follow your heart. Making a crystal grid can be as simple as setting up a crystal in each corner of a room in your home or placing a crystal on the corners of your yoga mat.


Of course, there are varying degrees of crystal grid application. You might choose to place your crystals on an image that represents whatever goal you have your intentions set on. However, you could go another route and use a crystal grid that uses a sacred geometric pattern, acting like a map for the crystals you have selected. Here is a Metraton’s Cube crystal grid you can print out and use as a template for laying out your crystals.


Get your Metatron’s Cube crystal grid here.

Whatever method you decide to go with – whether you grid strictly on intuition or you like to follow a predefined grid – remember to:

  • Meditate on and set your intention
  • Pick the crystals that you feel align best with your goal
  • Place each crystal in its place with purpose
  • Use a central crystal to harmonize the other crystals and your intention

If you feel like you are missing some basics, or even want to add something special to your collection, check out one of my favorite Etsy shops: The Lunar Fae. And be sure to check back here in the following weeks to learn more about charging and cleaning your crystals!

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Cassie Uhl is the author of five books and two card decks, an artist, intuitive energy healer, and death doula. Her lineage and practices are rooted in pagan earth-based spiritual practices of Northern Europe. She approaches her work and clients with trauma-informed support through all phases of life. She currently resides on the land of the Myaamia people in so-called Indiana of the US.