New Moon in Scorpio Ritual

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The new moon in deep Scorpio offers you an opportunity to explore your deepest desires and be curious about how to bring them into the world, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. A fixed water sign, Scorpio invites you to dive into the depths of your subconscious to help excavate your true purpose for being here. Tune into the depths of this Scorpio new moon energy to explore the parts of yourself you often hide and find ways to bring them out into the open.

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If you enjoy this ritual, I invite you to share it with someone else who might benefit from it as well. 

Themes for this full moon: Soul searching, shadow work, fears, desires, finances, death, transformation

Element: Water

The ideal time to perform this ritual is the day before the new moon, on the new moon, or the day after the new moon. 

You’ll need: 

  • 15-30 minutes of quiet and uninterrupted time
  • Vessel of water
  • Pen/pencil and paper
  • Optional: amethyst

1. Create sacred space by grounding yourself and connecting with your breath and body. If casting a circle or calling in the quarters is in your practice, you could do this too. 

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2. Sit, close your eyes, and begin to connect with your breath and body. If you’re using amethyst you can hold it or place it near you to inspire your intuition. 

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3. In this meditative state, ask aloud or in your mind, “Show me my soul’s deepest desire.” Breathe and allow your mind to take you where it wants to go. Be open to visualizations, messages, or feelings that may arise. 

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4. After spending some time with the first question, and when you feel ready, ask aloud or in your mind, “Show me my next steps to be in better alignment with my soul’s deepest desires?” Again, breathe and allow your mind to take you where it wants to go. Be open to visualizations, messages, or feelings that may arise. 

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The subconscious mind often works through symbols. Be open and curious about anything that comes through to you, understanding that even though it may not make sense at the moment, it may later. 

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5. When you feel ready to come out of your meditation, thank any guides who came through to offer guidance, then write down any insights that came to you. 

6. Place your paper in your vessel of water to remain there until the moon is full. 

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Check in with your bowl of water with the paper in it each day to refill with water if needed, touch into the feelings you experienced, and as a reminder to take continued action towards your soul’s desires, even when it feels challenging. 

7. At the time of the next full moon, bury your paper outside and pour the water on top of it, trusting that you will be guided in your soul’s journey. 

This new moon ritual can be adapted or used for any new moon or new moon in Scorpio. As always, take what you like and leave the rest.

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