New Moon in Libra Ritual

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The new moon in Libra offers you an invitation to be open to bringing more beauty and connection into your world. 

New moons are always a time for being open to new ideas and ways of being in the world, our cosmic clean slate if you will. As a cardinal air sign, Libra energy is one of balance and initiation. The planetary rulership of this sign is Venus, bringing in the energy of love and beauty. Learn more about Libra energy here

The energy of Libra within a new moon calls you to explore themes of beauty, reciprocity, and connection. Here are some questions to focus on for this new moon. What areas of your life are calling out for more beauty? How can you allow in more beauty? In what ways can you be in more sacred and aligned reciprocity with yourself, those around you, and the world at large? 

new moon in libra ritual for love and beauty

Themes for this new moon: Justice, balance, beauty, love, connection, and reciprocity

Elements: air and water

New Moon in Libra Ritual for Sacred Connection

You’ll need: 

new moon ritual

1. Ensure that you have 15-30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time. Create a sacred space in a way that feels good to you, for example, burning incense or herbs mentioned above, calling in the four directions, or casting a circle. Root into the space by connecting with your breath and body. Notice your body and how it feels. Begin to breathe more intentionally, sending your breath deep into your low belly.

2. Bring an area of your life to your mind that you feel needs more love and beauty. Holding your rose quartz in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize that area of your life being filled with love and beauty. Continue to hold your rose quartz as you meditate.

new moon in libra ritula for connecting with yoru guides

3. Close your eyes and prepare to journey to meet one of your guides to help you bring more love and beauty into this area of your life. State aloud or in your mind, “I’m ready to receive guidance around __________ and be in sacred reciprocity with a guide, please, make yourself known to me.” Click here to be taken to a free guided meditation to connect with your guides.

libra new moon ritual

4. As you meditate, focus on your breath and your body. If you can visualize a beautiful location in your mind, do this now, as this can create a space to commune with a guide.

5. Be open to guidance, suggestions, and wisdom from spirit. Trust what comes to you.

new moon in libra 2021 ritual

6. If a spirit guide presents itself to you and offers guidance, ask what you can do to reciprocate the information shared with you.

libra new moon ritual for connection

7. Close your meditation by thanking any guides who came through. Consider writing down anything that came through to help process and remember.

8. If your guide made a request for reciprocity, be sure to act on it. If they did not, consider creating an offering on your altar to show your gratitude for the connection and wisdom shared.

new moon in libra ritual 2021

9. Leave your rose quartz out the night of the new moon to carry with you afterward as a reminder of how to bring more love and beauty into your life.

new moon ritual for libra

If you enjoyed this ritual, please consider sharing it with someone else who may enjoy it too. New moon blessings! 

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