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Being a master manifestor is a skill that many seek. There are endless techniques and tools available when it comes to manifesting like a pro and I’m sure you’ve tried some of them. Dream boards, visualization, mantras, and crystals are a few popular manifesting tools.

While there’s nothing wrong with these techniques, there’s one powerful manifesting tool that’s often overlooked, Runes.

Runes are symbols that each carry unique universal energy. These special symbols were used by Nordic and Germanic cultures in Northern Europe as forms of language, for religious purposes, and as tools of magick and divination.

Author Lisa Peschel explains this in her book, A Practical Guide to The Runes.

Before this time [being used as a form of language] runes were primarily a magickal system of pictographs representing the forces and objects in Nature. It was believed that by calling upon the appropriate rune one could thereby make contact with the force in Nature the symbol represented.

Each Runic symbol creates a specific type of energy and some lend themselves to manifesting more than others. Here’s a list of the most powerful manifesting Runes and what they’re most aligned with manifesting.


Search this list to identify the perfect Rune(s) to aid your current manifesting project!

The Best Runes for Manifesting


Fehu for abundance: This fast-acting Rune is perfect for helping you manifest wealth. It is great for initiating new monetary ventures and circulating abundance.

Uruz to keep you going: Employ the use of Uruz to bolster your strength and remove self-doubt during manifesting. This Rune will also help you with stamina while manifesting goals that take more time

Thurisaz for change: The original meaning of this Rune is “thorn” so it’s not surprising that the meaning of it is all about breaking through. Use this Rune when you’re working on manifesting big changes in your life and you need a powerful and directive catalyst. This Rune can also help you overcome blocks while manifesting.

Gebo for partnerships: This Rune is all about manifesting partnerships. That could be friendships, business relationships, relationships, or marriage. Gebo helps create a balance of energy and is all about equal exchanges. Use this Rune anytime you’re manifesting goals include working with others.


Wunju for happiness: Looking to manifest some more peace and harmony in your life? Wunjo is your Rune! Wunjo is a beautifully powerful Rune that’s great at helping you fulfill wishes, peace, joy, and happiness.

Jara for material objects: If you have your manifesting eye on a material object that requires specific steps to acquire Jera is your Rune. Jera is a great aid for turning dreams into tangible results.

Teiwaz to win: This Rune is all about being victorious. If you’re in the process of manifesting a specific outcome this Rune will be helpful, especially when it comes to competitions. This Rune seeks justice.

Berkana for creation: My personal favorite! Berkano is here to help you birth your big ideas into reality. Recruit Berkano to help lay the fertile ground needed while manifesting new ideas.

Now that you know which Runes are your manifesting besties, here are some key ways to work them into your manifesting toolbox. These methods pair perfectly with other manifesting tools mentioned above, so don’t be afraid to mix them up. Already have a vision board for a manifesting project? Put a bird on it! Just kidding, we’ll be using Runes today 😉

Need some Runes to get going? Click here to get your free printable Rune sheet.


5 Ways to Use Runes for Manifesting

1. Put your manifesting Rune in a visible area like your altar, meditation space, bathroom mirror, or on a vision board.


2. Carve your manifesting Rune into a candle that you light regularly as a reminder of what you’re working on manifesting.


3. Wear a Rune talisman. Having a daily wearable reminder is a powerful way to not only be reminded of your manifesting goals but carry the potent power of the Runes with you.


4. Create a Runescript. Linking Runes together in a specific order can have a positive effect on your end results. Learn more about creating a Runescript here.

5. Visualize or meditate on the rune(s) that you’re working with. Hold the image of the Rune you’re using in your mind’s eye and try to embody its energy as you meditate or visualize.

If you’ve been unsure about how to use Runes in the past I hope you’re feeling excited to jump in now! Put these powerful symbols to use and start manifesting.

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