Making Mercury Retrograde Work for You

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If you’ve read anything about Mercury Retrograde you’ve probably also seen the long lists of everything you’re supposed to avoid during these times. Sure, avoiding doing anything that involves communication might be the safest way to deal with this time, but is it truly realistic?

Maybe you’ve seen the memes and have heard friends blaming things on Mercury retrograde, or maybe you’ve got Mercury retrograde times marked on your calendar. Regardless of how familiar you are with this ominous time, I’ve got some tips to help make Mercury going retrograde work for you.

Before I jump into how to make the most of Mercury Retrograde, I want to give you a deeper understanding of what it is. If you’re already familiar with it, jump on down to the bottom of this post for tips on making Mercury retrograde work for you!

What does Mercury Retrograde mean?

Because Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, its orbit is much shorter than Earth’s. Three or four times a year Mercury zips past Earth in its orbit, and this is when the retrograde times happen.

From our Earthly perspective, Mercury appears to slow down, stop, move backward, and then move forward again. This pattern of motion is an illusion from our perspective–Mercury does not really move backward.

Why is it a big deal?

In astrology terms, the movement of the planets affects all of us in some way. As above, so below. Mercury rules all forms of communication. All communication! Think beyond talking to your lover or bestie. I’m talking mail, email, text, writing, reading, listening, cell phones, and any other form of communication you can think of.

When Mercury goes retrograde, it means that its energy is internalized. This means communication has a sort of veil pulled over it. Communication affects everyone and this is why so many people get freaked out about Mercury going retrograde.

5 Tips to Make Mercury Retrograde Work for You

I’m not going to give you a huge list of things to avoid while Mercury is in retrograde. Let’s be honest, trying to evade big decisions, new projects, or scheduling meetings probably isn’t realistic for nearly a month’s worth of time.

Instead of avoiding all things related to communication, I invite you to use Mercury Retrograde as a time to check in and focus on being more present in your communication.

Here are 5 tools to help strengthen your communication skills and presence:

Embrace the Power of the Pause

Just because limiting your communication during Mercury retrograde isn’t realistic doesn’t mean you can’t practice other good communication habits. Use these few weeks as a time to practice pausing during communication or before chiming in immediately. You might be surprised at what comes in up those quiet moments. Like any habit, it works best when practiced, and Mercury is giving you your perfect opportunity!

Reflect, Renew, Restore

Remember when I said Mercury’s energy becomes internalized during its retrograde? As above, so below. This is the time to go within, reflect, renew and restore. It’s simply a phase of this planet just like the phases of the moon.

Give yourself extra time for quiet reflection during Mercury Retrograde. Give your thoughts and feelings space and time to surface, and then take care of yourself.

Strengthen Your Throat Chakra

The start of Mercury going retrograde is the perfect time to focus on offering support to your throat chakra. Your throat chakra can help you become a better communicator and is the perfect counterbalance to Mercury’s retrograde havoc.

Throat Chakra Tips:

  • Carry around or wear some throat chakra supporting crystals like lapis, sodalite, or aquamarine.
  • Immerse yourself in scents that will make your throat chakra sing like peppermint or eucalyptus.
  • Repeat the bija mantra for the throat chakra “HAM” (pronounced haum) during meditation.

Finish Projects You’ve Already Started

Have some projects you started but haven’t finished or maybe a New Year’s related goal that was started but is still lingering? Here’s where Mercury retrograde can actually come in handy. It’s a great time to finish projects that you’ve already started.

The effects of Mercury retrograde can’t touch projects you’ve already started so it’s prime time to hunker down and tie up loose ends!

Practice the Art of Letting Go

Just because you’re focusing on enhancing your communication skills doesn’t mean that everyone else around you will be! Remember, Mercury Retrograde affects everyone. So, if you find yourself in a communication conundrum with a loved one, use it as an opportunity to practice the art of letting go.

Mercury in retrograde doesn’t have to be something you fear or loathe. Sure, it’s a time that may bring up challenges, but there’s much that can be gained from them. I hope you can now look at this time with a renewed sense of possibilities and enthusiasm!

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