Lotus Flower Symbolism

September 14, 2015 1:32 am Published by

Well, hello there! Happy Monday–I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and that it is starting to feel a little bit like Fall where you are (sadly, it definitely is not here in Phoenix)!

Today, I am kicking off a new blog series where I will be sharing the meanings behind many of the symbols you see on Zenned Out jewelry. We love using decorative patterns and symbols on our pieces, but to us, they mean much more than just added prettiness.


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We use the lotus flower on many of our pieces and I just love the meaning behind the symbol. It is used in Buddhism as a symbol of purity and in Hinduism as one of beauty. The most interesting thing about the lotus flower is that it grows out of the mud, yet flowers beautifully and cleanly. Such a wonderful metaphor for challenges that we encounter in life. Overall, the lotus flower holds significant meaning for spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Many also use the lotus flower as a symbol for meditation.

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Cassie Uhl is the author of five books and two card decks, an artist, intuitive energy healer, and death doula. Her lineage and practices are rooted in pagan earth-based spiritual practices of Northern Europe. She approaches her work and clients with trauma-informed support through all phases of life. She currently resides on the land of the Myaamia people in so-called Indiana of the US.