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Seeing doesn’t have to be believing, especially when it comes to auras. My introduction to auras came by way of sensing my energy field with my hands. Here’s the thing, everyone experiences extrasensory information (auras, energy, intuition, etc.) differently.

How people experience extrasensory information is explained by the “clairs.” To understand some of the most common clairs and to determine what your extrasensory gifts are, click here for a past post I shared. You can also learn even more about the clairs and auras in my new book, Understanding Auras

In this post, I’m going to share three ways for you to experience auras. If one doesn’t work for you, don’t worry about it! It doesn’t mean that auras aren’t real or that you can’t access them; it means that you need to try a different approach.

Keep scrolling for three different techniques to experience auras and a video from me to learn more!

how to see and experience auras tips for seeing and working with auras

Feeling Energy & Hand Scans for the Aura

Did you know that you have chakras in your hands? Chakras are spinning energy centers that can, among other things, receive energy. You have seven primary chakras that align along your spine, but there are far more chakras, but that’s a post for another day! Activating and accessing the chakras in your hands is an easy technique to sense the energy of auras.

To perform this aura sensing technique, you’ll need about 20 minutes of dedicated quiet time. 


  1. Take 2-5 minutes to center yourself. Focus on your breath or meditate for a bit to drop into the present moment. 
  2. Begin to bring your awareness to the sensation of the air touching your skin.
  3. Start to rub your hands together. Do this for about 20-30 seconds. 
  4. Stop rubbing your hands together and slowly move the palms of your hands apart by about a foot. Then slowly move your hands back together. 
  5. You may start to notice some sensations in between your palms. It might feel like you have an invisible ball in between your hands or like a tingling sensation on your palms. Be open and try not to doubt any sensations you receive.
  6. If you are feeling some energy in between your palms, I encourage you to begin running your palms over your body to see what you can sense in your aura. 
  7. If you’re not feeling anything, don’t worry about it. Try again tomorrow; if you still don’t feel anything, you might experience energy differently. 

This technique will work best for those with the gift of clairsentience or clear feeling, but I recommend everyone try it out! Check out this video for more on sensing and seeing auras. 

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Seeing Auras

Ahhhh, the holy grail of auras! Everyone wants to see the rainbow of colors around people. Some people are born with a natural ability to see auras, but most of us will have to practice. Take it from me; I’ve been practicing seeing auras since my teenage years. To this day, my preferred method to work with auras is by feeling energy and my intuition. I can see auras, but it takes far more effort. 

You’ll need: 

  • 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time
  • A neutral-colored blank wall
  • Patience
  • If possible, an aura buddy to practice with


  1. Hold your hand out at arm’s length in front of you with a backdrop of a blank neutral colored wall. Alternatively, if you were able to wrangle an aura buddy, have them stand about a foot away from the wall, and then you can stand about 4-6 feet away from them. 
  2. Try to relax your eyes. 
  3. Focus on the space around your hand or your model, but still close to the body, almost like you’re looking through the body. 
  4. If you’re able to see anything, it will likely be the etheric layer of the aura, which usually presents as a white, grey, or light blue band of light around the body that’s usually about 1-2 inches thick. 
  5. Take breaks often, try to adjust your focus in different ways if it’s not working, and go easy on yourself. THIS. TAKES. PRACTICE. 

These are just the basics, for more on this topic, I suggest my new book. This technique works best for those with the gift of clairvoyance or clear seeing.


Find all buying options for the “Understanding” series, including Understanding Aurashere.

Sensing the Aura with Your Intuition

This last method works well for all of the clairs! If you’ve struggled to connect with your aura using either of the two methods above, try this. 

To perform this aura experiencing practice, you’ll need 20-60 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time. 


  1. Take 5-10 minutes to get into a meditative state. You can practice some breathwork, do a guided meditation, or repeat a mantra. Whatever works for you to drop into a tranquil and meditative state. If you need some guidance, here’s a post all about meditation. 
  2. Once you’re in this state, ask aloud or within your mind for your aura to be revealed to you. 
  3. Wait, be patient, and be open to different kinds of information. 
  4. Information could come to you in a number of ways, depending on which of the clairs are strongest within you. For example, a clairaudient person might hear (aloud or in their mind) what color their aura is, a clairvoyant person might see their aura in their mind’s eye, and a claircognizant person might suddenly know what color their aura is. 
  5. Trust the information you receive. If you are skeptical about the answer you received, try again another day and see if the same answer repeats. 
  6. If nothing is coming to mind, don’t worry about it. Stay in meditation for as long as you’d like and be open to messages throughout the day. Information may come to you differently, or you might need to try again another day.

To learn more about auras, check out either of these blog posts, What is an Aura & What Does Yours Mean and 7 Tips to Protect Your Aura. You can also learn more in my new book, Understanding Auras. I hope you feel empowered to connect with your aura! 


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