How to Destress with Mandalas

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How was your first week of 2017?! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need a quick and simple pick me up to get through a rough week. Mandalas are here to help! You see these unique patterns everywhere; clothing, artwork, and even in nature. The beautiful designs can be thought of as a vessel for the wholeness of life.

Circular in design, they represent life’s continuity. And you don’t need much to tap into the mandalas’ meditative powers. I love using this artsy tool to get out of my head and into the vastness of my soul!


First, let’s learn a bit about where mandalas come from.

Buddhist Mandalas

Some of the mandalas origins can be found in the Buddhist tradition. Buddhists believe that the mandala is a map of the enlightened mind. Monks spend weeks studying the form before creating their mandalas. Then they spend hours, and even days, working as a team of four to create their masterpiece. Once completed, they brush away the sand into a river to continue the flow of the energy of the mandala.

All of that hard work gone to waste!!! Not so fast–this is just one of the many lessons learned while creating their mandala. It teaches the monks impermanence. The perfect reminder that all things are temporary and ever-changing.


3 Ways to Destress with Mandalas


Looking for a new meditation technique? To meditate using mandala simply place the mandala image flat in front of you so you can see it in a seated position. As you settle into your meditation, try to take in the entirety of the mandala as you meditate, rather than focusing on small parts of it. Focusing on it as a whole will make it easier for you to zone out in this meditation and let the mandala do its work on your subconscious.



Take a meditative walk through a labyrinth! (Which I’ve actually had the pleasure of doing.) Use this form of a mandala for meditation to become one with the universe. Travel along the landscape of the labyrinth design to discover more about where you are going, and where you have been. I quickly noticed the parallels between life and the labyrinth. The path is unexpected and unpredictable…and sometimes frustrating. Checkout this awesome source to find a labyrinth near you, maybe even on your lunch break. You might go in with a specific predicament in mind, or maybe the labyrinth will open up something unexpected in you!



Another way to enjoy the benefits of mandalas is by coloring! The coloring of mandalas is a de-stressing technique that’s been studied by psychologist Carl Jung. By activating the parts of the brain that involve creativity, logic, and fine motor skills you actually decrease the activity of the emotional area of the brain which is impacted by stress.

I have a goddess-inspired mandala coloring page just for you! Click here to get your free goddess-inspired mandala coloring page.

So, in short, coloring is relaxing, which leads me to think that coloring a mandala will give you double the relaxing benefits! Be sure to tag @cassieuhl in your finished mandala artwork.

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