Honoring the Space Between

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Welcome to the new Zenned Out Jewelry!

If you are a part of the Zenned Out community and receive my weekly newsletters, you already know some of my story and why today is so important to me. If you’re not, you should join us, and here’s a little back story.

Last year, life happened and I lost my treasured grandmother and my father within six weeks of one another. This new site was supposed to launch last November, but there was just no way it was going to happen. I thought about abandoning it (and Zenned Out) many times. It seemed like running a business while dealing with overwhelming grief was just too much.

My grandmother and my father were both entrepreneurs and I knew they wouldn’t want me to quit. One night, when I was feeling especially sad, I had a strong urge to continue on and could almost feel Grandma and Dad pushing me forward. Though my waves of grief didn’t end, I knew that a new phase had begun, and I was able to honor the space between no longer and not yet.

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If you’ve read my bio, you might already know how important these two people are to me. They are two of the very people that inspired Zenned Out in the beginning. When we were young, my father would sometimes wake me and my sister up in the middle of the night to view a special celestial happening or to stargaze constellations. My grandmother would slip me books about divination and she taught me about astrology. It was a common occurrence during family gatherings for my sister and me to ask her to get her pendulum out to ask passed relatives questions from the other side. It is with these cherished memories that I continue to invest in Zenned Out today.

To celebrate the unveiling of the new Zenned Out, I’m gifting amethyst and citrine chunks with hand stamped charm bracelets wrapped around them to the first 100 purchases on the new site. They’ve been soaking up good crystal juju for the last week!


Why eCommerce?

You might be wondering why I bothered to spend countless hours making a new site when I can sell our products perfectly fine on Etsy. First, I want to say that I love Etsy. I will be keeping our Zenned Out Etsy shop up and will continue to support and spread good praise about their marketplace. If it wasn’t for Etsy, Zenned Out wouldn’t be what it is today. So, why did I decide to create the new dedicated eCommerce site? Here are a few reasons:

  • I want you to be able to find your favorite products fast. I’ve simplified the search with easy filtering options. Check it out on the left side of the screen on the shop page (or at the top for mobile).
  • Have you ever wanted to get your favorite soul sister some Zenned Out items but didn’t know what to get her? Now you can purchase Zenned Out e-gift cards! Check them out here.
  • Two words: Creative freedom!

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The New Look

When I started Zenned Out five years ago, hand stamping jewelry at my kitchen table, I had big plans but I wasn’t always able to turn them into the brand I envisioned. As Zenned Out has grown, I’ve been able to bring on team members that are able to listen to my vision and turn it into a reality. Sydney, our graphic designer, is that magical person, learn more about her on our Meet The Team page. Here are the why’s behind the new look:

  • I want Zenned Out to reflect the goddess energy that we speak about so often, so you’ll see the addition of more moons and moon phase symbolism. The moon represents the feminine divine and it is important to me that Zenned Out reflects and embodies that goddess energy.
  • You’ll also notice a lot more purple! Purple represents wisdom, spirituality, power, and ambition. These are all attributes that I want to share more, to make you feel even more empowered in your goddess energy!

Big Thanks

This website was a HUGE team effort and I want to thank and honor all the beautiful souls that helped this site come to life. Thank you to my wonderful and dedicated studio team (who have tired eyes from hours of website editing), our photographers, and a special thanks to my ever-patient graphics and web designer Sydney Martenis!

Explore and enjoy! If you see something that looks funny or isn’t working right let us know by contacting us here. Though my Dad and Grandma can’t be here in physical form to celebrate, I do believe they’re here in spirit and will continue to cheer me on. Here’s my favorite picture of them together.


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About Cassie

Cassie Uhl is the author of five books and two card decks, an artist, intuitive energy healer, and death doula. Her lineage and practices are rooted in pagan earth-based spiritual practices of Northern Europe. She approaches her work and clients with trauma-informed support through all phases of life. She currently resides on the land of the Myaamia people in so-called Indiana of the US.