Healing Benefits & Uses for Different Opal Varieties

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Did you know that opals were considered unlucky for much of the 1800s? Hard to fathom, right? Fortunately, these sparkly gemstones have made a serious comeback over the last few years. It’s a good thing too because opals can offer you a wide range of mental, physical, and energetic healing.

There’s quite a variety of opals for you to choose from, which can make opal shopping overwhelming if you’re not familiar with all of them. Opals do have similar overarching healing benefits, but you can also use specific variations of them for your specific needs.

Trying to find the best opal for your needs? This week I’m demystifying some common varieties so you know which opals will suit your needs best and add some serious sparkle to your jewelry collection.


Opal Meanings & Uses

Energetically speaking, all opals have a soft and delicate vibe to them. They are also extremely absorbent stones. Here are some of their most common overarching meanings and uses:

  • The rainbow of colors present in most opals will enliven and cleanse your aura.
  • Opals are considered a “karmic” stone because they absorb thoughts and energy easily and radiate it back to you. That said, be cautious of your thought patterns while working with opals!
  • Opals can illuminate your best qualities and shed light on your shadow side.
  • Because most opals contain a rainbow of colors, they can activate all of the chakras but are specially tuned to your crown chakra and sacral chakra.
  • Opals can invoke inspiration and creativity.
  • Due to their high water content, they are perfect for balancing the fire element or bringing more water energy.

Let’s dive deeper into the meanings and uses of different opal variations.

Opal Varieties

There are far more opal varieties out in the world than I’ll be able to cover in this post, but this is a great place to start.

White Opals

White opals are what most people think of when they think of opals. Most white opals come from Australia but some can be found here in the US. These opals can range from having a subtle play of color to very flashy with blues, pinks, purples, and greens. Regardless of the flash of colors, they will always be primarily white. Here are some of the most common meanings and uses for white, or milky, opals:

  • Radiates joy and happiness
  • Lucky stone often called a “wish stone”
  • Perfect for connecting with angels and spirit guides
  • Supports all of the chakras
  • Helps connect all other chakras to the crown chakra


Jelly or Girasol Opals

Jelly opals, sometimes referred to as Girasol opals, are translucent opals with a bluish hue. They will usually reflect back fiery oranges, pinks, and reds as you turn them in the light. Their name comes from their gelatinous-looking appearance. These opals can be found in Australia, the US, and Mexico. Here are some meanings and uses for jelly opals:

  • Emotionally comforting and soothing
  • Supports the throat chakra
  • Can help with communication
  • Great stone to use during meditation
  • Helps create a calm environment


Green & Sterling Opals

This category comes with a few caveats. Several opal varieties can present green in them, so these tips can be applied to any opal that favors green. Sterling opals, sometimes called monarch opals, often have a dominance of green in them. Though natural opals from our Mother Earth can present green, sterling opals are lab-created. That said, sterling opals are the only lab-created opals that do not use dyes and have the exact same makeup as an opal from the Earth. Here are some meanings and uses for green and sterling opals:

  • Cleansing and rejuvenating
  • Opens the heart chakra
  • Energizing
  • Can help you cope with emotions
  • Aids in wealth and abundance


Matrix Opals

If you’re looking for an unusual opal find, here it is. Matrix opals come from Australia and Honduras and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Most are dark, even black, but still, have a rainbow of colors within them. Think, a night sky filled with rainbow-colored stars! These unusual opals also come with a very different set of meanings and uses, check them out here:

  • Intensifies your mood and feelings
  • Will help brings emotions to the surface
  • Great stone for shadow work
  • Contains strong Earth and fire energy
  • Provides grounding energy
  • Connects with all chakras but especially the root chakra


Fire Opals

Most fire opals hail from Mexico but can also be found in Ethiopia and Australia. They are translucent and range from yellow, orange, or reds as their primary color. Fire opals can have some play of color and flash but not as much as other opals. Regardless of less flash, fire opals come with a powerful list of uses and meanings, check them out here:

  • Brings fire energy
  • Activates your sacral chakra
  • Inspires sexuality
  • Good for overcoming creative blocks
  • Protective
  • Good for business owners
  • Energizing


Ethiopian Welo Crystal Opals

Crystal opals are always translucent or semi-translucent and will have a good play of color with lots of flashes. These opals are found primarily in Australia but can also be found in Ethiopia, home of the Welo opal. Zenned Out uses Welo crystal opal for our gold crescent moon rings. Learn more about crystal opals here:

  • Offers inspiration and creativity
  • Aids in transformation and transmuting negative energy
  • Strong water element
  • Positive and joyful stone
  • Balances all chakras


I hope you’ve found the perfect opal for you and have a deeper understanding of different opal varieties.

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