Full Moon in Aries Ritual

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The full moon in fiery Aries offers you an opportunity to get clear about anything you need to shed or release to begin taking action towards a new or current goal. A cardinal fire sign, Aries offers intensely active energy and loves to initiate and take charge. Tune into the intense energy of this full moon to help course correct and shed.

If you enjoy this ritual, I invite you to share it with someone else who might benefit from it as well. 

full moon in aries ritual

Themes for this full moon: Initiation, action, intense shedding and releasing, course corrections, change, and transformation

Element: Fire

The ideal time to perform this ritual: This ritual is designed to be performed on the waning side of the full moon, anytime after the peak fullness of the moon to two days after. 

You’ll need: 

  • 15-30 minutes of quiet and uninterrupted time
  • Pen or pencil and paper
  • Fireproof bowl, cauldron, or vessel 
  • Optional item: red candle

1. Create sacred space by grounding yourself and connecting with your breath and body. If casting a circle or calling in the quarters is in your practice, you could do this too. Sit and begin connecting with your breath. Elongate each inhale and exhale and try to make them equal in length.

full moon in aries burning ritual

2. Ask yourself (aloud or in your mind), “What action, habit, or way of being could I release to find more ease in attaining my goal (feel free to insert your personal goal here)?”

Optional: If you’re using a red candle, hold it in your hands and bring to mind the situation you’re seeking guidance around.

full moon burning ritual

3. Begin to enter a meditative state by focusing on your breath and body. If you’re using the candle, you can gaze at its flame. If you’re not, you can close your eyes and visualize fire and allow it to share any messages with you. Stay in this space for 5-15 minutes.

full moon ritual in aries for letting go

4. Once you’ve received guidance around what you need to shed, thank any guides who came through, and exit your meditation. Write down what you’re ready to shed on a piece of paper.

full moon releasing ritual

5. In a well-ventilated location, light your paper on fire and place it in your fireproof vessel or cauldron. Stay with it as it burns, and visualize what needs to be released from you being burned up as the paper burns. This can be intense and bring up emotions. I encourage you to let them flow as much as possible.

full moon in aries fire ritual

6. Stay with your paper and your red candle (if using one) until it burns through. Take some time to return to your body and physical space. Thank any guides or ancestors that came through to offer guidance.

full moon in aries ritual burning for release

7. Ritual follow-up: To further the theme of releasing, consider releasing the ashes from your burned paper back into the earth or a body of water to be alchemized into something new.

This full moon ritual can be adapted or used for any full moon or any full moon in Aries. As always, take what you like and leave the rest. All drawings are featured from my “Zenned Out Guides” book series with Quarto Knows. Love & Shadow, Cassie

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