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The High Priestess is the archetype in the tarot’s major arcana, who reminds us that we have all the answers we need within us. Ruled by the moon and associated with the triple goddess, divine feminine, and the story of Persephone’s descent into the underworld, the High Priestess, brings us deep within to awaken our connection to our wisdom and intuition.

I love working with tarot archetypes in different ways, and one of those ways is by making mists. In this post, I’ll be sharing how to create a High Priestess mist to connect you to your intuition – a connection that is your birthright. 


High Priestess card from The Starchild Tarot.


  • A spray bottle
  • Small tumbled crystal chips of amethyst or another stone you intuitively connect the High Priestess to (note that some stones dissolve or lose their luster in water) 
  • Water charged under the full moon
  • Witch hazel 
  • Essential oils of frankincense, clary sage, and/or sandalwood 



The ingredient that may or may not take the longest to get (depending on where the moon is as you’re reading this!) is water charged under the full moon. I recommend charging your water on the night before the moon is technically full – so for example, if the moon is full at 8:30 am on Saturday, charge your water on Friday night, not Saturday night. 

All you need to do to charge your water is to place a bowl or glass of water under the full moon and leave it out overnight. Place some amethyst in your water if you’d like, but it’s totally optional. You can drink your excess water or use it in rituals and spells! 


Once you have your full moon water, I recommend creating this spray on the day of the full moon. Here are your steps:

  1. Fill half the bottle with witch hazel 
  2. Add 25-30 drops of essential oils (if using multiple oils, split up the drops according to whatever scents you prefer!)
  3. Add your crystal chips
  4. Fill the rest of the bottle with the full moon charged water
  5. Close the bottle and shake!


If you’d like, it can be nice to spend a little time meditating with the mist to set intentions for it to connect you with the High Priestess within you. Use the mist before doing divination work to infuse your space with High Priestess Energy, before meditation, and in ritual and spellwork around intuition.

Let your intuition inspire your use and enjoy! Click here to share your mist with us on Instagram

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