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I love discovering all the ways I can add a little more sparkle to my life! And let me just say, you are going to love my newest find! When it comes to beauty and wellness I’ll take all the help I can get. Crystal elixirs are becoming the newest part of my regimen. I’m so happy to be letting you in on this little bit of magic that you can use to spark up your routine!

The Back Story

Crystal elixirs are no modern craze. In fact, they were all the rage in ancient cultures! Some crystals have long been esteemed as heavenly stones. They were put to use in Neolithic times for fashioning tools and weapons, by the Pharaohs and Indian culture for curing disease, and get this…Chinese emperors used to drink a powder form of crystals and herbs to achieve immortality!! Ummm, not sure if immortality is my aim, but wouldn’t you love to add a little youth to your day!?


How it Works

Today, companies are selling crystal elixirs in the form of waters and beauty products. Here’s a fun little tidbit. When evaluating the difference between tap water and water treated with crystals, Institute Hagalis (an international research company), determined that in the crystal treated water there was “a distinct improvement in water quality, neutralization of harmful substances, improvement of the pH-value and oxygen content, increase in bioavailability of minerals, and an increase in energy balance.” Wow!

Also interesting is that the energy of the crystal can be transferred to the product it’s being used in. KORA Organics beauty line uses crystal-infused water in their products. The process incorporates rose quartz “to give the vibration of self-love.” Sounds amazing!

The Cost of Luxury

While I wish I could just add all of these products to my shopping cart with the click of a mouse, they’ll cost you a pretty penny.

You can find Vitajuwel’s Gem Water on Amazon for $87, which is a steal compared to some of their other products. Over $340 for their Golden Moments Crystal edition water, or a whopping $624 for the GranFontana Sunny Morning Set! Vitajuwel’s products are utterly delectable though, so maybe jot down one of their Gem Wands onto your holiday wish list this year!

DIY Solutions


Budget worthy DIYs are definitely the way to go with crystal elixirs. You can tailor them to your exact needs, and incorporate your current stash.

Crystal Infused Water

  1. Select a crystal that speaks to your needs. We’ll be using amethyst for this DIY.
  2. Cleanse the amethyst with warm filtered water and incorporate any other cleansing routine that works for you, such as smoke cleansing.
  3. Put the amethyst in a glass bowl and cover them with filtered water.
  4. Charge your water in the sunlight or moonlight.
  5. Enjoy your amethyst infused water!

Amethyst relieves headaches, as well as promotes good dreams and healthy skin. Add some lavender to your water and use it as a nighttime foot soak as you wind down from a long day!

Crystal Infused Face Mist

Instead of adding lavender to your crystal infused water, take advantage of amethyst’s properties for healthy skin by making this moisturizing facial mist!


  1. Add your amethyst infused water to a 4 oz. glass spray bottle.
  2. Add ¼ tsp of argan oil.
  3. Add 12 drops of rose oil.
  4. Add some rinsed amethysts directly into your bottle (optional).
  5. Shake well.
  6. Mist cleanse your face while repeating affirmations of self-love!


My skin has been loving me for this new elixir plus it smells like fresh roses. Rose and Argan oil offer a host of healing benefits for your skin including helping with acne, dry skin, and skin permeability.

Have a favorite crystal blend that you use? I’d love to hear about it!

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