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With Samhain and Halloween around the corner, it is the ideal time to perform spells and divination of all kinds. The veil between the physical world and the spirit world is at its thinnest during this time.

It’s also a time that communication between you and the spirit realm will be the easiest, because of this some believe that it’s an important time to build in extra protection from unwanted spirits.

Using Runes can cover all of these magical bases! You can use them for spellwork, divination, and as a protective tool.

What are Runes?

I’m sure you’ve seen these interesting symbols before, maybe you even know what a few of them mean, but beyond wearing them you’re not really sure what to do with Runes. While wearing them is a great way to utilize their power, their uses go far beyond that.

Their roots can be found in Old Norse, and they make up an ancient runic alphabet containing 24 symbols. Rune symbols have been found to date back as far as 150 AD. They have been discovered on spearheads, charms, and even on headstones in the form of spells! It is said that the word “rune” has come to mean “secret, something hidden,” and many people believe the symbols were used as a form of divination. Some people continue this practice today.

How to Use Runes for Spellwork & Intention Setting

Simply carrying or wearing a Rune symbol can hold great meaning. Place your Runes together though, and you’ve got a powerful magical tool. Many wear talismans like this with Runes together, but for this time of year, a banner for the home can not only serve as a meaningful reminder and spell but also a timely decoration!

pic 2-runes

Rune symbols can be placed together in different orders to mean different things, create a spell, or set an intention. Placing Runes in a particular order for magical purposes is called a Runescript. They can serve as a powerful reminder of what you need help with the most.

To use a Runescript for creating a spell banner, you simply need a basic understanding of what some of the Runes represent, appropriate ordering of your Runes, and some time to get a little crafty. I have created a free printable of Rune images for you to use to create your very own Runescript wall hanging! Click here to grab yours now.

How to Make Your Wall Hanging

To create your wall hanging you’ll need:

pic 3

1. Print Your Runes

Click here to get your free printable Rune images to use for your Runescript. Alternatively, you can draw your own if you’d like. If you’re using our free printable I suggest printing them on white cardstock.

2. Gather Your Supplies & Prepare Your Workspace

If you want to keep this a simple crafty decoration you can leave out all of the optional tools listed above. If you want to bring more magical meaning and ritual to this project, I’ll outline how you can use the salt, herb or smoke tool for cleaning, candle, and water while you create your wall hanging to bring each of the earth elements in the next step.

3. Prepare the Four Elements

Place your bowl of salt North of your workspace, your herb or smoke tool East, your candle South, and the bowl of water West. Each element coordinates with a direction, and by placing each element in its cardinal direction you invoke their protective powers as you create your Runescript hanging.

pic 4

4. Select Your Runes

The number of runes in your script should also be well thought out. Runescripts are usually made of 3, 5, 7, or 9 Runes, so if one of these numbers is particularly meaningful to you that would be a good number to go with.

Creating your Runescript is a very personal act. Though you can use a pre-made script they always hold more meaning and power when you create it on your own. Use the guide below to select the Runes that you feel you need most for the kind of protection you are seeking. You can learn more about the meaning of each Rune on the website or in the book A Practical Guide to The Runes by Lisa Peschel. I reference the website and the book very often and find them to be helpful resources.

That being said, If you do want to borrow my Runescript shown in the pictures you’re welcome to!

5. Order Your Runes

According to Lisa Peschel, author of A Practical Guide to The Runes, your first and last Rune placed are the most important ones.

The first rune says “this is how I want the operation to start,” the final rune says “this is how I want things to end up.” The runes in between elaborate on the subject … [it] must start out right and end up right in order to be truly effective. Making a correct choice is not really something that can be taught in a fixed sense. It must be very a personal choice based on the needs and wants of the Individual.

6. Cut Out Your Runes for Your Desired Runescript

7. Place your Runes in Order on Your String, Spacing Them Out Evenly

Your Runescript can hang simply on your string or you can use a stick or dowel rod to wrap the string around. This makes it easier to hang and adds a nice earthy element.

8. Tape or Glue the String to the Back of Your Runes
pic 6

9. Incorporate the Four Elements into Your Runescript

Once your Runescript hanging is complete sprinkle a bit of salt over it, waft the smoke of your herb over it, pick it up and pass it over the top of your candle taking care to not get it too close so it doesn’t catch fire, and sprinkle a few drops of water on it.

pic 7

10. You’re Ready to Hang Your Runescript!

Your Runescript is now imbued with the power of the four elements and the combination of Runes. Place it in a prominent place in your house or room as a symbol of protection. Add some extra protection to your Runescript wall hanging with a protective stone like hematite, lava stone, or smoky quartz.

Love this craft and want to create more? You can use this same set of steps to create any kind of Runescript. And I would love to see your own Runescript wall hangings, so please tag @cassieuhl on Instagram!

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