Connecting the Head and Heart with Fluorite

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Fluorite represents bringing together the intuitive mind and the emotional heart. Fusing one with the other, to help you find ultimate clarity. Though this stone is often touted as one of protection, I’ve found its energy to be most helpful with working with the heart and mind, so that is what I’ll focus on here. Before I jump into some ways to work with fluorite, let’s look at its unique mineral qualities.


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What is Fluorite?

When fluorite crystallizes, it does so in an isometric system that can present as cubic or as an octahedron. That’s why you’ll sometimes see perfect cubes for sale as natural fluorite, it actually forms like this in nature! Another prized quality of fluorite is the banding of colors. Did you know that fluorite’s actual color is clear? The banding occurs over time with various introductions of fluid, gas, and heat. Lastly, fluorite is one of few stones that are triboluminescent, which means it can create light when friction is introduced (p.s. I don’t suggest trying this at home with your fancy polished stones, but here’s a cool video to check it out ).

Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

Here’s a reference guide for some of the suggested uses and meanings fluorite. One of my favorite crystal educators, Judy Hall, has this to say about fluorite from her book, The Crystal Bible: “Dissolving fixed ideas, it helps to move beyond narrow-mindedness to the bigger picture. This stone dissolves illusions and reveals truth. It is very helpful when you need to act impartially and objectively.”

Other uses and meanings associated with fluorite: 

  • Mental clarity
  • Focus
  • Balance
  • Heart chakra – (green fluorite)
  • Third eye chakra – (purple fluorite)
  • Connects the head and heart
  • Stabilizes the aura
  • Helps to bring structure
  • Intuition – (purple fluorite)
  • Healing – (green fluorite)

3 Ways to Work with Fluorite

1. Clarity Spray or Spell Bottle

Because fluorite is so helpful at clarifying your thoughts. It works well for spells and intentions involving clarity and focus. Here’s a simple recipe that can be used as a spell bottle or as a spray to use throughout your day.

For this spell bottle you’ll need: 

  1. A glass vial or bottle
  2. Piece of paper and permanent marker or pencil- only for the spell bottle, not for the spray 
  3. Water- enough to fill your vessel 
  4. Frankincense essential oil- 5 drops for a spell bottle and 20 for a spray 
  5. Smokey Quartz or Jasper of any kind
  6. Rainbow Fluorite
  7. Rosemary- dried or as an essential oil, use 5-10 drops of oil or a t. of dried rosemary. 


To prepare your spell bottle, follow these steps: 

  1. Cleanse all of your items with sacred smoke of your choosing, under the moon’s light, or by envisioning cleansing white light enveloping them. 
  2. If you’re making a spell bottle, you may choose to write something specific on your paper that you’d like to receive clarity about. 
  3. As you place each item into your vessel, imagine yourself moving throughout your day with a perfectly clear mind and always knowing the next best action. 
  4. Once everything is in your vial, close the bottle, hold it in your hands, and repeat this invocation or something similar that feels right to you: My mind is open and clear. I will maintain a calm focus as I work. My heart and mind are connected. So it is. 
  5. Place your spell bottle on your altar or your nightstand. If you created a spray, use it anytime you feel the need for more clarity. 

2. Meditation for Head and Heart Connection

Fluorite is an ideal stone for meditation. It can help you access both your heart and third eye chakra. To work with fluorite in meditation, hold a fluorite stone in each hand, or lie down with one piece on your heart chakra (sternum) and one on your third eye chakra (in between eyebrows). 

As you settle into your meditation, visualize a line of energy connecting your third eye chakra and heart chakra. Begin to visualize each chakra glowing with light, purple for the third eye, and green for the heart chakra. Stay in the meditation as long as you’d like. This is also a great time to ask any questions that you’ve had lingering. You might find the answers come to you with ease with your heart and head connected in this way. 

The open communication between your head and heart will help offer a balanced and well-rounded answer to anything causing confusion in your life. This same visualization practice can be performed with or without fluorite. Working with the actual crystals serves as a potent intention-setting tool, but you can call in this energy for meditation without having the physical crystals. 

3. Focus and Structure at Work

The easiest way to start working with fluorite is to wear it while you work or place it in your workspace. If you decide to work with fluorite in this way, I suggest programming it with your work goals and desires. To do this, you’ll want to cleanse your crystal first with water, smoke, or sunlight. Next, hold it in your hands and visualize how you want to feel at work. Crystals for this purpose work well as wearable talismans or pocket stones. However, a sphere or point on your desk is fine too. 


The connection between your heart and mind is essential for staying true to yourself, especially at work! I hope this post has made you feel empowered to work with the energy of fluorite. 

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