Card Spread and Ritual for Taurus Season

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Taurus, our fixed Earth sign, is here to ground us in our bodies, teach us about beauty, root us into our innate worthiness and value, and help us tap into the tactile pleasures of being alive. During Taurus season in the northern hemisphere, we sink into the aliveness and blooming of spring around us and within us.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a card spread and a ritual for Taurus season. To learn more about Taurus energy and your personal birth chart’s connection to Taurus, check out our Understanding the Energy of Taurus Season blog post here.

card spread and ritual for taurus season taurus card spread

Card Spread for Taurus Season

This card spread can be done using a tarot deck or an oracle deck. Through this spread, we’ll explore Taurus’ invitation for you. 

I invite you to create a ritual space for you and your deck to communicate by taking a moment to ground and center yourself however feels good to you. In the spirit of Taurus season, you might also want to work with some elements that touch the senses, like lighting some incense or herbs that smell good, having a smooth crystal to touch, or having a tincture to drop some sweetness on your tongue. 

When you feel grounded and ready, shuffle your deck and draw a card for each of the following questions:

  • What is Taurus season here to teach me? 
  • What can I root into this Taurus season?
  • What is my relationship with self-worth?
  • How can I start to heal my relationship with self-worth?
  • How can I honor my physical body? 
  • What possibilities are Taurus season opening up for me? 

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After you pull your cards, take some time to journal and/or meditate with them to really connect with the full meaning they have to offer you.

Taurus Season Ritual for Self-Worth

Taurus season is deeply associated with the material, physical world. Its energy asks us to consider questions of value and worth: what are your values? Do you believe in your worthiness? What conditions do you place on your worth (i.e., I’m worthy if/when…)? 

For this ritual, we’ll be working with dropping into deeper self-worth. You’ll need a pen, a piece of paper you can rip or cut into small pieces of paper, a journal, and access to soil (this could be your backyard, or maybe just filling a bowl with soil and using it at your altar). 

1. Create a container for ritual that feels good to you, and ground yourself however you’d like (you can see some grounding tips in this post if you need some ideas).  

2. When you feel ready, open your journal and write at the top of a new page. I am not worthy because…

This exercise is based on Carolyn Elliott’s Deepest Fear Inventory exercise, and it’s one of my favorites. The intention is to list 5, 10, 15, 20 things that come up for you in completing that sentence. Don’t overthink or try to figure it out. Just let the words pour out.

3. Once you’re done, read what you’ve written and notice what really stands out to you. What feels particularly resonant, alive, and true? You could circle or star those. These are your big blocks, your wounded places around worthiness. You’ve touched a part of yourself that believes these things, even if your conscious mind doesn’t. Here is the work.

4. Take a moment to honor and accept these beliefs. There’s nothing wrong with them. We’re going to work with transmuting them, but they’re not inherently bad. They’re just things you’re holding that you might feel ready to complete so that you can hold something different. 

5. Take some time to reflect and/or write about what the other side of these beliefs could be. What beliefs do you want to step into?

For example, if “I’m not worthy because I’ve gained weight” is one of the really alive beliefs that came up for you, what do you want to believe instead? That could become “I am worthy regardless of anything my body does or doesn’t do,” “My worth is not dependent on my body,” or “My body changes, but my worth does not.” The point is for it to be intuitive and feel good to you! 

6. Once you have your new beliefs you want to embody, take your small scraps of paper and write on them. On one side, write the old belief. On the other side, right the new. One at a time, read each out loud as you drop them in the soil and bury them. Honor the old belief out loud, and claim the new belief you want to grow into. Know that as you bury these seeds, you are asking Earth’s energy to compost the old and grow new, to let the old beliefs transform into something nourishing, something you desire. 

7. Take a moment of gratitude for yourself, and if you worked with a bowl of soil, you could leave it on your altar for a few days before returning it to the Earth.

Happy Taurus season! I hope this card spread and ritual support you – share your spreads and rituals on Instagram and tag us @cassieuhl so we can see them!

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