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Now that you’re a pro at the major lines from last week’s blog post let’s add some more to your palmistry know-how! This week I’ll be sharing some of the mounts and markings of the palms. If you missed last week’s post click here to learn about the major lines and the history of palmistry.

This week I’ll go over six of the mounts, or raised areas, of your palms and what they signify. I’ll also go over some of the markings you might find on your hand or during a reading and what they mean.

The Mounts of the Palm

The mounts will give a clearer picture of a person’s interests. Mounts that are raised higher and firm to the touch indicate that it’s an area that a person has a lot of potential in or is spending a lot of energy on. The mounts can be a great indication of what career choices might work best for a person.

Mounts can be raised, overly-developed, or appear to be non-existent. I’ll go over the meanings for each variety. Starting out, it can be difficult to know how the mounts of your hands compare. Doing readings for other people will help give points of reference. It can also be helpful to view the palm from the base of the hand down at an angle.

There are a total of ten mounts on the palm, but I’ll be going over the six that are the most prominent and easiest to locate.

Mount of Jupiter

  • Location: Below the pointer finger
  • Raised: Confidence, wisdom, leadership
  • Overdeveloped: Pretentious
  • Underdeveloped: Low-self esteem

Mount of Saturn

  • Location: Below the middle finger
  • Raised: Discipline, balance, independence
  • Overdeveloped: Pessimistic, easily depressed
  • Underdeveloped: Superficial

Mount of Apollo or Sun

  • Location: Below the ring finger
  • Raised: Ambition, success, creativity
  • Overdeveloped: Vain
  • Underdeveloped: Lacks imagination

Mount of Mercury

  • Location: Below the pinky finger
  • Raised: Intuition, intelligence, activity
  • Overdeveloped: Greedy
  • Underdeveloped: Shy

Mount of Venus

  • Location: Base of the hand between the thumb and life line
  • Raised: Love, sympathy, grace
  • Overdeveloped: Overindulgent
  • Underdeveloped: Cold

Mount of Luna or Moon

  • Location: Base of palm, below the pinky finger
  • Raised: Courage, mysticism, imagination
  • Overdeveloped: Lives in a fantasy world (doesn’t sound too bad!)
  • Underdeveloped: Closed off

Important Markings

Finding markings on your palm is sort of like looking through a Where’s Waldo book, and every time I look at my hand I always seem to find more! This is the last little tidbit I want to share with you about palm reading because, well, I think it’s super fun.

Just like the mounts, there are many more markings than I’ll be able to cover. I’ll share 3 markings that are easy to find and can pack loads of meaning.

The location of these markings are telling, so be sure to take note of where they fall on your hand!


Squares that cover a break in a line are a sign that you’re protected. The protection could be from a real person or a spirit guide. Squares on their own that aren’t enclosing a broken line may indicate a time of confinement, mentally or physically, brought on by yourself or someone else.


Crosses or x’s on the palm usually indicate problems or changes. If you notice a cross that is formed by any combination of major or minor lines, take note of which lines they are as that will indicate how changes or problems may manifest in your life.


Triangles are always a positive sign! They often indicate success in a career, enhanced psychic abilities, and an ability to understand situations quickly. If you have a triangle on a specific line it strengthens that line.

I hope you’ve found palm reading to be a fun way to pass the time with your loved ones and maybe even shed a little light on your own path! Have you learned anything surprising about yourself from reading your palm? I’d love to hear about it, let us know on Instagram if you want to share.

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