Balancing Your Chakras with Aromatherapy & Crystals // Plus free printable guide

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Chakras. The intangible energy field within us. When properly cared for balanced chakras keep you emotionally, mentally, and physically well. When your chakras are out of whack, you will undoubtedly feel this imbalance. You may start to feel depressed, or anxious, or you may even experience physical symptoms from harboring a negative emotion or fear for too long.

A pill for this, a pill for that…probably not the avenue you are looking to go down. Luckily, there are many different methods for balancing your chakras. A few ways to find healing for your inner energy field are through yoga, meditation, even aromatherapy, and crystals!

Scents and crystals are indeed nature’s medicine for your chakras! Read on to learn more about balancing your chakras and get your free, printable chakra balancing guide.


Click here to download the chakra balancing guide.

Root Chakra

Physical: Problems associated with feet, legs, digestion.

Emotional: Negative feelings related to self-preservation and basic needs.

Scents: Patchouli. Ground yourself with this earthy scent. Mix it with coconut oil and geranium for a rooting foot rub.

Crystal: Obsidian or Garnet


Sacral Chakra

Physical: Pain in pelvis, hips, lower back, reproductive issues, and other issues that arise in sexual organs.

Emotional: Fears based on intimate relationships. Lacking creativity. Inability to enjoy relationships.

Scents: Sandalwood and jasmine. Conjure up an aphrodisiac with these EO’s and diffuse it bedside to awaken this chakra.

Crystal: Carnelian


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Solar Plexus Chakra

Physical: Digestive issues. Illness associated with liver, colon, gallbladder, stomach, and pancreas. High blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic fatigue.

Emotional: Insecurity and self-criticism.

Scents: Mix lemon and chamomile with a carrier oil for a healing belly balm.

Crystal: Citrine, Tiger’s Eye


Heart Chakra

Physical: Conditions found in lungs, heart, lymph nodes, breasts, arms, upper back, and shoulders.

Emotional: Unhealthy love. Fear of being alone.

Scents: Rose oil. Rose is to the heart like peanut butter is to jelly. Diffuse rose oil and ylang-ylang to raise love and acceptance.

Crystal: Rose quartz, Aventurine, or Emerald


Throat Chakra

Physical: Issues with thyroid, throat, ears, mouth, face, and neck.

Emotional: Imbalance in communication and self-expression.

Scents: Steam up your bathroom with eucalyptus and chamomile to inspire this chakra towards confidence and truth.

Crystal: Sodalite or Lapis


Third Eye

Physical: Hormone imbalance, problems with hearing and vision, headaches, seizures.

Emotional: Moodiness and inability to face shortcomings to inspire individual growth.

Scents: Rosemary, juniper, and pine. Use this blend on a hand towel by placing it over your forehead during bedtime meditation. Awaken this center of intelligence and intuition.

Crystal: Amethyst, Labradorite


Featured cards from The Ritual Deck

Crown Chakra

Physical: Depression, trouble focusing, sensitivity to light, and sound.

Emotional: Issues with self and ego. Trouble accepting a god figure. Close-mindedness.

Scents: Massage your temples with frankincense and lavender blend to connect with your higher consciousness.

Crystal(s): Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, or Magnesite


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To open and balance your chakras, use these scents in the air or on your body while placing these crystals on or near the chakra.


Click here to download the free chakra balancing guide.

All this is a good deal of information to take in, and when you are feeling imbalanced, it is hard to bring such things to mind. To help you out we have designed a quick visual reference of each chakra with its corresponding crystal(s) and scents, click here to download it. Pop it in a frame, and you’ve got a lovely addition to your favorite sacred space or aromatherapy corner!

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