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I'm a writer, public speaker, certified nutritionist, and Mystic dance and Integral yoga teacher. But mostly: I have a borderline obsessive fascination with water that carries me around the world to share its magic and science. WATER is the most complex and mysterious substance in the Universe! Learn more about myself and my work at or find me on Instagram at @jenisabelfriend

Water – The Living Liquid Crystal

November 5, 2019 10:43 pm Published by Comments Off on Water – The Living Liquid Crystal

In every culture throughout history, water has been worshipped and revered. Water plays a starring role in creation stories and ritual customs from every indigenous tribe and even features in ceremonial practices from every organized religion as well. She plays a vital role in every aspect of spiritual life from birth to death. And throughout all these many practices in all these many cultures throughout the ages, we see a similar theme echoed: People treated water as an intermediary between the human and the Divine. Whether sending prayers upon her, using her to cleanse their spirits, or asking her for... Continue Reading