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Aberdeen is a fellow crystal lover who's been working on team Zenned Out since 2019. She loves marketing, writing, tie-dying, and exploring all things mystical. Her favorite crystal is fluorite and her favorite Zenned Out product are the point crystal necklaces.

Healing with Kunzite // 4 Ways to Work With Kunzite

May 12, 2020 10:21 pm Published by Comments Off on Healing with Kunzite // 4 Ways to Work With Kunzite

Feeling like you need a little emotional protection these days? Kunzite is a lesser-known crystal that comes with a variety of benefits for your mind and heart. The high vibrational energy of kunzite invites you to let go of fear and sorrow so you can move through life with a protected, but open heart. Let’s dive deeper into the healing properties of this beautiful crystal and how to benefit from all it has to offer! Here’s an overview of this potent healing gem. Keep scrolling for 5 ways to put this stone to use in your spiritual practice.  What is... Continue Reading