A Card Spread for Empaths

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I’ve been on a writing break after completing three new books this year. Today I’m dipping my toe back in and sharing a baby blog post with you! I’ve been feeling called to talk more about processing emotions as an empath. I’m not going to dive into what an empath is, because I’ve already shared a post all about it, here.

With all that’s happening in the collective, you might be feeling like your energy is constantly being bombarded. I have a secret for you. It feels like this because that’s basically what’s happening. The intensity of emotions arising in the collective, whether people are aware of it or not, is affecting you, especially if you identify as an empath. 

So, what’s a super-sensy empath to do? Though it might be tempting to crawl in bed, zone out on Netflix, or enjoy some other form of escapism, I’m going to ask you to do the opposite. The dense and heavy emotions floating around like fear, anger, and judgment really need your full attention. 


Hear me out. Rest is 100% necessary and needed, but so is an equal amount of action, especially right now. It’s fine to zone out sometimes, just don’t stay there. This world needs you and your unique spirit!

Today, I’m going to share a sweet and simple little empath card spread with you. This card spread is a tool to help you “check-in” with your energy. If you’re feeling a little off, this card spread is your call to pause and tune into your energy. Use whichever deck feels best to you. I’ve performed it with my Ritual Deck and Starchild Tarot Deck and have received wisdom and healing from both. 

Here’s the spread. As always, before you perform any spiritual work, take a moment to ground and center. Whatever that means for you, maybe take a few breaths, meditate, or visualize your connection to Mother Earth. 

  1. What stuck energy is keeping me from growing? 
  2. What do I need to invite in to help process my energy? 
  3. In what areas of my life does my energy need more protection? 
  4. How can I use my empathic abilities to be of service? 


Looking for more tools? Check out an older blog post I shared here, for eight suggestions to thrive as an empath. Purchase an Energy Reset Meditation Bundle here if you need some extra support. 

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Cassie Uhl is the author of five books and two card decks, an artist, intuitive energy healer, and death doula. Her lineage and practices are rooted in pagan earth-based spiritual practices of Northern Europe. She approaches her work and clients with trauma-informed support through all phases of life. She currently resides on the land of the Myaamia people in so-called Indiana of the US.