9 Morning Rituals to Start Your Day Off Right

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Morning rituals set the tone for your entire day. You can use them to shift your mindset, tap into the energy you want to cultivate throughout the day, give yourself a little self-care, and clear your mind.

If you’re not a morning person and the idea of waking up earlier makes you cringe, know that you don’t have to create an elaborate, hours-long ritual. It can be as simple as ten minutes of your favorite ritual. As long as it feels good and helps you start your day off right, then it’s the perfect morning ritual for you.

If you’ve never made morning rituals a part of your daily routine, the new year is the perfect time to try it. Pick and choose what resonates with you from the list below, and don’t be afraid to switch it up!



Your prana, your breath, is your life force energy. This energy literally gives you life and has a huge influence on the quality of your thoughts, so connecting with it in the morning sets the tone for a day of union between your breath and your mind.

Try a few rounds of Kapalbhati pranayama, “shining skull” breathing, to energize you. Find a comfortable seat, keeping your spine long, and take a deep breath in. Then begin a series of short, powerful exhales that draw your abdominal muscles in.

Start with one round of thirty breaths and see how you feel. If you’d like, you can try two more rounds. Just make sure you avoid this breath if you have anxiety! Check this blog post if you feel called to learn more about breathwork.


Starting your day appreciating the abundance you already have shifts your mindset into one of contentment and happiness, and helps you become a magnet for more abundance.

Ask yourself, “what am I grateful for in my life?” and write down everything that comes to mind in your journal. You might also want to start a journal specifically for gratitude that you write in every day and can return to whenever you feel fear or a scarcity mindset start to come over you. To get more gratitude rituals, click here.

Essential Oil Massage

Women have been using their hands for healing for centuries, and your hands can be an incredibly powerful tool too. Use an energizing essential oil blend like lemon, grapefruit, and peppermint or lemongrass, rosemary, and eucalyptus in a rollerball and run it over your feet (don’t forget to use a carrier oil like sweet almond oil!). Using your hands, gently massage the oil onto the soles and tops of your feet, ankles, and maybe even the lower parts of your calves.
Learn more about making your own essential oil rollerball blends here.



Try this prayer:

“Universe, I am open to receiving all that you have to offer me today. Please help me see myself and each person I interact with today through the eyes of love, compassion, and non-judgment. Please help me connect to my highest, truest self today and everyday.”

Meditation & Crystals

Your morning meditation doesn’t need to be anything complicated. Try to check in with yourself by sitting in silence for a few moments and asking yourself what you need.

Do you feel blocked in a certain chakra? Do you feel disconnected from your body? Do you just need a few more moments in silence, being present with your breath?

Notice what you need, and choose the kind of meditation that will give it to you.

You might like to use some crystals for your meditation, depending on what you need. The clear quartz powerhouse is always a great crystal to have nearby, and you might choose an energizing crystal like citrine or a heart-opening crystal like rose quartz to prepare you for your day.



Take 5-15 minutes when you first wake up to free write in your journal anything that’s on your mind: the dreams you had, your current mental and emotional state, any feelings you have about the day ahead, etc. There is no right or wrong way to do this, but this stream of consciousness type writing helps clear your mind and get you ready to take on the day ahead.

Pull Tarot or Oracle Cards

Ask your deck one of these questions, or anything else you feel called to ask, and pull a card:

  • What do I need to know about today?
  • How can I create abundance today?
  • How can I connect with my intuition today?
  • How can I connect with my _______ energy today? (Choose whatever energy you crave- divine feminine, divine masculine, compassionate, grateful, etc.)

You can also try a simple three card spread:

  • The energy of yesterday, the energy of today, the energy of tomorrow
  • Your current situation, the obstacle, advice
  • Your mind, your body, your spirit

Cards featured from our FREE printable oracle deck

Affirmations & Mantras

Chanting mantras aligns you with the vibration of the Universe. A simple Aum, Sat Nam, the bija mantra for a chakra that might feel blocked, or one of the affirmations below are a beautiful way to start your day:

  • I am present.
  • I am here now.
  • I am open.
  • I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
  • I am a magnet for miracles.
  • I am a magnet for abundance.

To get more mantra inspiration, click here.


Click here to download this free morning mantras printable!

Move Your Body

Whatever your favorite way to move your body is, do that! Do yoga, gentle stretching, go for a run, dance, or take a walk. Moving your body in the morning is a great way to energize you and clear any stagnant or blocked energy.

Remember, this list is meant to inspire! Some mornings you might try five of these rituals and others just one. Any amount of self-care you grant yourself will be beneficial. Enjoy!

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