6 Signs You’re Not Grounded + How to Get Grounded

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When was the last time you noticed that you were completely untethered from reality and ungrounded? Between the glorification of being busy and constant social media at your fingertips, becoming ungrounded might be happening more often than you think!

What does it mean to be “grounded”?

If you’re energetically grounded it means that your root chakra is balanced and healthy. You’ll feel strongly connected to the Earth, stable, and at ease. Fears and worries you have will fade away quickly. You’ll feel safe, protected, and have an inner knowing that you’ll be taken care of.

The most important part of being grounded is realizing when you’re not. Check out these 6 signs that you could use some more grounding energy. Does anything from this list ring true for you?

6 Signs You Could Use Some Grounding

  1. Can’t finish projects or focus
  2. Feel like your nerves are fried or are spacey
  3. Questioning things more than usual
  4. Difficulty with communication
  5. Impulse to hoard things and money
  6. Strong urge to be physical or go outside

The good news is that there are several ways to get grounded quickly, and one tip even involves chocolate! As someone who’s struggled with anxiety (aka the opposite of being grounded) for much of her life, I’ve used each one of these tips and find them all highly effective on their own and combined.

9 Tips to Get Grounded

Connect with Nature

Lay on the ground, go for a walk outside or rest your body on a tree. This one is a big one for me. A couple of years ago I was going through an extra anxious time and I kept having a strong pull to lay on trees! It was the strangest thing, but eventually, I went for it and started to feel better. My neighbors might think I’m a weirdo, but I don’t really care. Now when I feel the pull to be in nature, I listen.

Earthy Teas

Sip on some earthy herbal teas and definitely skip the caffeine. Dandelion root tea, hibiscus tea (red for the root chakra!), rose tea, and valerian root tea are all perfect for feeling more grounded. I suggest saving valerian root tea for nighttime, it is very calming and can make you sleepy.

Yoga pose

Nothing fancy here–a simple mountain pose, tree pose, or sukhasana work perfectly to tap into your grounding energy. Each of these poses offers you the opportunity to stand firmly on the ground and connect to the Earth.

Stones & Symbols

This tip is exceptionally important for feeling grounded. When you’re not grounded you’ll feel like you need more protection to feel safe. Wearing stones and symbols can be a great reminder to connect with your root chakra energy and feel protected. Obsidian, red garnet, and any earthy colors from the jasper family work great for protection and grounding.

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A mindful snack can go a long way, your body might be craving certain foods to feel more grounded too. Ditch the refined carbs and processed foods for a day or two and try adding some pink salt, root vegetables, nuts, beans, and even some chocolate to your diet. The darker the chocolate the more grounding it will be.

Get Physical

You know the feeling when you just need to get moving. Honor it! Go for a walk, head to the gym, a yoga class, or out for a run. Allow yourself time and space to connect with your body and give it what it needs.

Grounding Meditation

Another one of my favorites! Grant yourself 5 minutes of quiet meditation. As you meditate imagine roots growing out of you and into the Earth. Call upon the energy of the Earth to help you feel more grounded. You can envision your “roots” growing all the way into the center of the Earth. You can also try speaking this affirmation during your meditation.

If you love guided meditations, you can purchase my meditation bundle where you can find a grounding meditation practice. 


Muladhara is the root chakra which is located at the base of your seat. The color of this chakra is red. Another favorite grounding tool of mine is to imagine a red sphere in this area glowing a deep beautiful red color. Imagine the red energy around your chakra spinning and growing red around your pelvic floor. As mentioned above wearing a symbol of the root chakra or simply the color red will also be beneficial.


Anything earthy here will work wonderfully! Some of the most potent grounding scents are palo santo (be sure that comes from a sustainable source) frankincense, pine, and chamomile. I recently discovered palo santo essential oil and am in love with it!

One of my favorite things about all of these tips is that they’re all so simple. I hope you found some grounding gems here and if you know a soul sister who could use some extra grounding, please share this post with them.

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