5 Steps to Access the Akashic Field

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Accessing the Akashic field, often referred to as “Akashic records,” can come off as an elite and secretive practice. Maybe you’ve read or heard that you need a specific prayer or guide to access the information held within the Akashic field. Prayer and guides may indeed help, but they’re simply not necessary. Again, I’m not knocking these tools, but I don’t want you to cut yourself off from a spiritual experience because you’ve been told you need something special to access this field of energy.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “Akashic field,” it’s the same thing as the Akashic records. If you’re unfamiliar with both terms or want to learn more about why some prefer the term “field” click here to read a previous post.

Here are my five suggestions for accessing the Akashic field.


Access the Akashic field in 5 steps

These steps are intended to be an ongoing practice. You can practice them all before sitting down to access the Akashic field or do them separately spread out over days. Each step will help you gain access to the Akashic field regardless of when they’re performed.

Raise your vibrational frequency

You’ve probably seen this term used in memes and on t-shirts more than anything else but it’s an important step when trying to access anything in the spirit realm. A slow vibration is closely linked to the physical realm, whereas a higher vibration is linked to spirit. Raising your vibration means you’re operating from a place of love and gratitude which is going to make this work come more naturally. Learn more about raising your vibrational frequency in this guest post from Reiki master, Deborah Arconti.

There are a variety of ways to raise your vibration including meditation, pranayama, some forms of yoga, prayer, mantra work, and creative activities. Keep reading, step two is a powerful tool for raising your vibrational frequency too.


Focus on your crown and soul star chakras

Your soul star chakra, located above the crown chakra, is the gateway to the Akashic field and where many believe your “records” are stored. Your crown chakra, a ball of energy located at the top of your head, must be healthy to access your soul star chakra. Focusing on your crown and soul star chakra are also powerful tools for raising your vibrational frequency. Win, win! Learn more about the crown chakra here and the soul star chakra here. These articles share tips to help you energize both of these chakras. If you feel that your crown chakra is strong and healthy skip ahead to the post about the soul star chakra.



An overlooked tool in any new practice is to ask for what you want. If you’ve practiced a soul star chakra meditation and are feeling in tune with spirit, the next step is to ask clearly what you’d like to experience from the Akashic field. Here are some suggestions.

  • What lessons am I here to learn?
  • Who was I in my most recent past life?
  • What lessons did I learn from my most recent past life?
  • What are some traumas I experienced in past lives? (Please, be cautious when asking to experience past life traumas. I recommend experiencing past life traumas with a professional in past life regressions. However, if you feel that this is something you are prepared to handle or need to process, it can be a powerful healing too.)
  • How can I live this life to my highest potential?
  • Where are some places I’ve lived in past lives?
  • What people in my life have I interacted within past lives?
  • Is __________ the best choice for me in this life?


You raised your frequency with a meditation, asked to experience a past life, felt a sensation that you were near an ocean, but it didn’t seem like a strong enough sensation so you completely wrote it off. Sound familiar?

In the beginning, it can be easy to question or completely negate your spiritual experiences. Doing deep spiritual work like this is not something that’s often brought up at dinner while growing up. Your natural instinct might be to dismiss your sensations! Maybe you’ve lived two or three decades of being told that the spirit realm doesn’t exist, or that it’s bad to try to access it. If this isn’t your story, that’s great! Trusting your experiences may come naturally to you. Otherwise, be nice to yourself and if you get a sensation, even a faint one, trust it 100%.


If you don’t feel like much happened the first time you tried accessing the Akashic field, keep at it. The more time you spend raising your vibration and getting comfortable with the sensations you receive from doing this kind of work (which will be experienced differently by everyone) the easier it will be and the more information you’ll receive.

Just like there’s more than one way to meditate, there’s more than one way to access the Akashic field. I encourage you to try these five steps, but if they don’t work for you it doesn’t mean you’re unable to access the Akashic field, you might need to try a different approach and that’s OK.

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