4 Selenite Uses You’ve Never Heard Of

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You want your crystals to look nice, but also serve a purpose, right? Selenite has long been adored for its energetic cleansing benefits and this week I’ve got four uses for selenite that may be new to you.

Selenite is a soft, cloudy, white stone that is part of the Gypsum family and it can be found in many countries around the world. Just in case you don’t already love selenite here’s another reason to: it’s named after the Greek Goddess of the moon, Selene.

This stone is best known for its cleansing powers. Think energetic cleansing, not laundry and dusting. I’m talking personal aura cleansing, house cleansing, and icky-energy-be-gone cleansing. Selenite is also great for connecting with your third eye and crown chakra to boost your psychic connection.

Selenite Candle Bath

When was the last time you had one of those days where everyone you came into contact with was grumpy or in a bad mood? Even if you don’t let it bring you down, those bad vibes can wear on you after a while.

I’m sure you’ve seen Himalayan salt candle holders and lamps, but did you know you can also purchase these powerful little crystal amplifiers in selenite too?

Let selenite do the purification work with a selenite candle bath. The glow from these candles is soothing and will set the perfect mood for a bath. More importantly, the cleansing energy from the selenite will take away all the dirt you can’t see from any icky energy accumulated throughout your day. Be sure not to get too wild in the tub! Selenite is water soluble so you don’t want to get it wet.

You can grab selenite candle holders from several places. I was drawn to the round shape of this one and purchased it from Etsy.

Selenite Aura and Home Cleansing Spray

Selenite has the ability to purify your body, mind, and even your home! Your home is a sacred space and selenite wants to help you keep it that way.

Here’s a recipe for my new favorite thing, DIY selenite aura and home cleansing spray:

  • 6-8 oz glass spray bottle
  • Enough filtered water to fill your bottle ¾ of the way full
  • 6-10 drops essential oil
  • 2 TBSP witch hazel (I love Thayer’s rose witch hazel)
  • 1 tsp selenite powder (I got mine on Etsy)

Add the ingredients into your glass bottle, shake for each use, spray, and enjoy! A funnel can come in handy to get the powder in your bottle, I crafted one out of paper for a quick fix.

Selenite for Feng Shui

This tip is short and sweet, but I know you’ll appreciate it, so I couldn’t leave it out! Selenite has a high spiritual vibration that can act as a pathway for angelic energy. You can use selenite powder around the outside of your home to bring peace and tranquility. Also, you can create a yin yang balance by topping a piece of selenite with black tourmaline in the rooms in your home or office!

Selenite Wands

As I mentioned before, selenite is the crystal for connecting with the spirit world and enhancing your third eye. Take advantage of this meditation while using a selenite wand to enhance your consciousness and connect with your true spiritual self!

A quick little selenite clearing like this is the perfect way to begin a tarot or oracle card reading for yourself.

  • Lay or sit comfortably while you scan your chakras with the selenite wand.
  • As you breathe deeply and calmly, imagine the light as it moves freely up through your chakras.
  • Allow the light energy from the selenite to clear each of your chakras of any bad vibrations.
  • Spend extra time focusing on any chakra that you feel needs extra attention or clearing.

The awesomeness that our Earth Mama creates never ceases to amaze me! I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and found something you can put into practice in your sacred space. Pick any of them to start your forever friendship with selenite!

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