3 Powerful Crystal Healing Techniques

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Looking for some summer-friendly healing uses for your crystal collection? If you’re like me and have designated crystals for your purse, car, bed, and altar you’ll love these three healing techniques so you can put all of your favorite gemstones to work.

Even if your crystal collection is small, some of these techniques only require one stone, so you’ll find something in here for you.

Summertime is a perfect time to dive into these techniques! Grab your favorite crystals, a fellow goddess, a blanket, and find a park to soak up good vibes from your crystals and Gaia.

Body Crystal Grid

Having some discontent in your gut, or a busy mind? This technique is perfect for working on specific parts of your body. Similar to creating a crystal grid on your altar that has a specific purpose, you can create a crystal grid with stones specifically for an area of your body.

Once you’ve chosen your desired stones and purpose for a body grid, have your goddess friend place them on your body in a place that coordinates with their purpose.

You can follow the same steps for creating a crystal grid on your body or on your altar, to learn more about creating a crystal grid check out this post I shared last year by clicking here.

A serious side note: I love my crystals but won’t let them substitute for necessary medical needs! Body crystal grids are the perfect additional support to medical care, but shouldn’t substitute expert medical advice. Please, love yourself, and be sure to see a trained professional of your choosing for serious ailments.

Chakra Balancing on the Body or in Your Bed

Feeling like you need an energetic overhaul? This is the place to start and my personal favorite use of crystals. Here are a couple of uses for restoring and balancing the energy of your chakras with crystals:

Suggested Stones for Chakra Balancing with Crystals

Chakra Crystal Alignment on Your Body

Place the stone for each chakra in its coordinating location on the body. Starting at the top of your head, imagine the color for each chakra lighting up around the stone. Spend 3-5 breaths on each chakra as you imagine the colored light around them glowing.

This is also a great time to scan the chakras to see if any of your chakras are especially deficient and need any extra attention. If you come across a chakra that feels deficient you can create a special body crystal grid just for that chakra or wear a stone or amulet to remind you to bring energy to that specific chakra.

See this previous blog post to learn more about balancing your chakra with crystals and scents.

Chakra Crystal Alignment in Your Bed

Looking for a more passive way to bring balance to your chakras? I love the simplicity of this tool. Place one of the stones listed above for each chakra in its coordinating location in between your mattress and box spring. As you sleep let the stones work their magic and wake up restored and balanced!

Wearing a Programmed Crystal

This healing crystal technique is perfect for long-term goals or deeply rooted shifts you’re working on. Wearing a programmed crystal will give you a moment-to-moment reminder of the shifts you’re trying to make, and the energy of the crystal will help you maintain your goals.

I like to use point crystal necklaces for this purpose. I like them for programming because of their size, it’s just right for holding it in your hand when you want to soak up some good vibes from your programmed point crystal. I’ve been wearing a grounding green jasper with the programmed message to stay rooted and calm.

The point crystal in this picture is of an amethyst and would be perfect for programming anything that has to do with your third eye or honing psychic abilities.

To program a crystal follow these steps:

  1. Cleanse your crystal (read more about cleansing and charging your crystals here)
  2. Clear your mind.
  3. Hold your crystal in your dominant hand or in both of your hands.
  4. Mentally and verbally repeat your goal or intention into the crystal.
  5. Do this until you feel the stone is programmed with your intention.

There’s more than one way to program a crystal, so if you’d like to change these steps, do it!

I hope you found some healing ideas you’re excited to try out! These techniques are the perfect excuse to grab your favorite soul sister and get out for a picnic with a side of crystal healing.

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