3 Healing Uses of Copper

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The powers of copper-where do I even start?! You might be thinking, “Ya sure, copper is great-it helps power my house, my phone, my washer and dryer…” but did you know that copper is used for healing bodily maladies and facilitating spiritual healing, too?! You might know that it conducts electricity, but this element will also warm your insides!

Where does copper come from?

The largest copper mine is located in Chile, the United States is the second runner-up, which is where we source all of our copper from here at Zenned Out. While copper is not considered a renewable resource, it is reusable, and 100% recyclable (all of our scrap copper is recycled!). Maybe this is why copper is referred to as “man’s eternal metal.”

What is it good for?

Copper is a building block for bones and tendons, is necessary for iron absorption, and also plays a role in melanin production and reducing free radicals.

Here’s an interesting fact- copper is antimicrobial. So, hospitals coat their doorknobs in copper to prevent contamination! Aside from its germ-fighting superpowers here are a few more uses for copper:

  • Wound Healing
  • Arthritis/joint pain
  • Anemia
  • Blood Circulation
  • Energy Blockage
  • Conducts Spiritual Energy
  • Helps the body make red blood cells
  • Necessary for iron absorption

How can you use it?

Even though there’s more copper in your smartphone than any other metal, I’m not about to suggest that you harness the power of copper through that! However, I do have some fun and interesting ways for you to access the opulence of this element!

Most of us will get enough copper from eating a balanced diet. Also, keep in mind that copper is a heavy metal so don’t go overboard! Fortunately, these copper uses have bonuses beyond getting more copper in your system.

Copper Mug

Did you know that ancient civilizations stored their water in copper containers? It wasn’t just because they looked nice! Choose a copper mug or bottle to keep your water in overnight to enjoy coppers alkalizing benefits. Don’t forget, copper is naturally antimicrobial so your drinking water will remain super fresh!

Many filtered waters have been stripped of their natural minerals, but keeping your water in a copper cup or vessel will help restore natural copper minerals that have been filtered out and also make the water more alkaline.

Copper Jewelry

Luckily for you, much of your Zenned Out swag will fall into this category! Copper jewelry allows for slow and steady absorption of copper into your skin. Some claim that wearing copper helps with arthritis and circulation.

What if your skin turns green? Well, oddly enough this is a sign of your body’s acidity. Copper reacts to acidic environments and will create a green tint on your skin. This could be a sign of too much red meat or junk food in your diet…or even a warning that you could be getting sick! I love to wear copper for this specific purpose, if my copper is causing more green discoloration than usual it’s a good reminder for me to add some more fruits and veggies to my diet.

Copper Pyramid

There’s more to copper than absorption and being antimicrobial, copper is also a beloved spiritual tool as well. You may not be able to visit the pyramids of Giza, but you can easily bring the benefits of a copper pyramid into your favorite sacred space.

Grab a smaller copper pyramid to clear and cleanse your crystals, essential oils, and well pretty much anything you can fit inside of it!

You can find some affordable and handmade copper pyramids on Etsy. 

Copper is a great conductor of energy so copper pyramids are also perfect for meditation and balancing the chakras. Large copper pyramids can be pretty expensive, but you can use a smaller copper pyramid for the same purpose by placing it on your head during meditation or over a chakra for the same energetic benefits.

Copper has a cornucopia healing of uses and it’s beautiful, what could be better? I hope you’re inspired to rock some copper jewelry and enjoy some of the other perks copper has to offer.

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